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Furnace Replacement in Eden Prairie, MN

Furnace Replacement Secrets

Before you decide what company you want to use for your furnace replacement in Eden Prairie, MN you should know the industry standards are low when it comes to a replacement. Service Today wants to change this. First and foremost Service Today doesn’t want to do things half way and think it will be okay, we don’t want to rip you off. Furnace replacement Eden Prairie services require air duct modification 90% of the time, this is something many companies out there won’t tell you. They will either not bring it up when they give you a quote; then they’ll do it and charge you more later. Or they won’t do it at all. It’s hard to justify the extra cost to get your ducts modified because you don’t know the difference with the naked eye. It would be like hooking up a new wireless speaker but connecting the wires. With the advances in HVAC now things don’t need to be like they were 20 years ago during your initial furnace replacement Eden Prairie service, so it’s inefficient to have it all connected. It actually wastes you money to not get the ducts modified and it could even be causing your furnace to work harder than it has to, which isn’t good because that just leads to extra repairs and shorter lifespan.

A Company Who Cares

Service Today takes every complaint and every suggestion and gives them some thought before trying to figure out the best way to improve the organization. But in the end it’s worth the time and effort because each comment a customer leave the better and better we get. Being a small business serving Eden Prairie and the surrounding cities we know that it takes a lot to stay alive in this game, we do everything we can to make sure the customer knows we care. You wanted more precise time when it came to your furnace replacement Eden Prairie service calls, we set up smaller time blocks and more punctual technicians. You wanted more skills and educated furnace replacement Eden Prairie technicians for your specific unit, we required 200 hours of training per technician each year on all types of furnaces. You wanted us to pay attention to the details and that what we are doing.

Work with a Peace of Mind

Whenever you get work done from an airtech furnace replacement Eden Prairie technician you will have the peace of mind knowing they did the work right and if something went wrong that can cause problems in the future our technicians will be there fixing it at no charge to you. Service Today has a workmanship warranty that we will stand behind on all of our furnace replacement Eden Prairie services.

Emergency? Call us, we’ll be there!

Do you need furnace replacement Eden Prairie, MN work as soon as possible? We get it, we’ve been there, you can’t control when your furnace is going to suddenly not want to work anymore so why should you get charged extra if it happens to fall on a weekend or weekday night. Service Today won’t charge you any more for labor if you set up an appointment for your furnace replacement Eden Prairie service on a weekend or from 9-5 during the week. We even have same day appointments if it’s something that is time sensitive.