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Furnace Repair in Edina, MN

Want to Prevent a Furnace Repair Call?

The best way to keep the furnace repair in Edina to a minimum is to get annual tune ups. And the best way to remember to get your tune ups is to sign up for our Comfort Club Membership. It’s super easy and fast to sign up then it’s just $12.99 a month for free annual tune up on your furnace and AC unit. The tune up includes a clean and a safety check as well, so you are getting the peace of mind each night you go to sleep knowing you won’t need to call in for a furnace repair in Edina technician to visit anytime soon. If for some reason you need to call in a furnace repair in Edina technician being part of the club gets you special discounts and 24 hour or less service, so the bad news isn’t that bad.

No Two Furnaces are the Same

When it comes to furnaces and furnace repair Edina services there are no two furnace systems or service calls that will be the same. Which is very important when it comes to the repair. Because of this a technician has to be very skilled and confident each time they step into a home. As a Service Today technician we are required to have 200 hours of hands on training in the Service Today lab. This comprehensive training not only allows us to work on all brands of furnaces from the news name brands but also the off brands, it also allows us to work on furnaces that are brand new and furnaces that are 15-20 years old. When you are working on furnace repair Edina services this is a great skill to have, you feel confident when you walk into a home and know what to expect.

Service Today furnace repair Edina technicians genuinely care about each and every one of their customers. You will notice this in their prompt service calls, their attention to details when it comes to your system, and their dedication to follow up and make sure you’re satisfied with your service.

Service Work You Can Count On

Getting something as big as your furnace system worked on can be stressful because it’s not something you can see what’s been fixed or something you can fix yourself if something similar goes wrong in the future. You can’t confirm that a furnace repair Edina technician did it correctly because it’s not your area of expertise. Well Service Today took the worry out of that as well. If you get your furnace repair Edina service with us all the work is under a workmanship warranty so you have the peace of mind you want and we do our best work every time. It’s a win win situation.