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Furnace Installation in Minnesota

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes towards heating and air conditioning. Making smart decisions about the type of system and proper installation can have a big impact on your utility bills. Below are some important things to know, things that Service Today covers on a new installation.

Quality Furnace Installation Begins with Professional Design

Unfortunately, some contractors merely size a new system based on the old system’s capacity rather than completing a professional design. What if your home’s heating needs have changed since the last furnace was installed many years ago? What if the original system was not sized properly to begin with? Guess work can lead to under-sizing your new system, which can reduce the comfort of your home. Bigger is NOT better. It costs you more to buy, and it can cost a lot more to operate and service. Even worse, over-sizing will add unnecessary expense to the job’s installation cost.

It takes time and expertise to complete a professional load calculation and system design. A Minnesota HVAC contractor lacking needed technical skills, or someone just interested in making a “fast buck” may try to convince you this is not important. However quality design is crucial to an efficient, well performing system.

The Load Calculation is Where it all Begins

Service Today does it right the first time, so we will need to do a thorough pre-assessment of your home, and furnace system that you are currently using. The first step toward helping you choose the right HVAC system for you is to do a complete analysis of your present furnace equipment, so we can determine the right size equipment for your individual comfort needs. We do this by performing a Manual J heat load calculation. It’s important to be sure that any HVAC contractor that you use for your new furnace installation performs a heat load calculation. Completing a proper Manual J heat load calculation is the only way to determine if your new heating system is the proper size for your home.

Selecting the Right Equipment

Heating equipment comes in many capacities, configurations and efficiencies. It can be very confusing. As your local Minnesota HVAC contractor, we select the right equipment that will be compatible with your home’s heating and cooling needs. Trust Service Today to do the job right and install the perfect system to meet your unique requirements.

Make Sure Your New Furnace is Installed Correctly

You would be surprised at how many Minnesota homeowners have work done by poorly trained or careless technicians that often creates problems during or after installation. For example, sloppy workmanship can create duct leakage where your new equipment is connected to your existing ductwork which means the efficiency ratings on that new equipment will never see the light of day. If your furnace is not installed correctly you will be paying higher utility bills and require frequent repairs.

Why You Should Choose Service Today

Purchasing a new furnace setup is a major decision – ranking just behind paying for your home, your cars and your children’s college education. You want it done right, and we are a local Minnesota contractor who will do just that. From design to installation, we guarantee your system and your satisfaction with our company. We look forward to enhancing the quality of your indoor comfort control.