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Furnace Installation Twin Cities

A Company That’s Been Around Forever

You are looking for a Twin Cities HVAC company that you can call when a big project is needed. Well Service Today has been a dependable furnace Installation in Twin Cities company for decades. They have worked on every type of furnace from the small repairs to a large furnace installation Twin Cities project. Our technicians have over 200 hours of training required per year. They are all certified and able to educate you on your home furnace or your new furnace installation in Twin Cities. They want you to feel comfortable and trust them before any work is done. When you are reading to start your next project, or if your furnace crashes today give us a call.

Why is Installation So Important

When you are getting a new furnace installation in Twin Cities the first thing you are going to do is get quotes from multiple HVAC companies. These quotes will vary in price and description of service. How can the same thing be a completely different price from one company to the next you ask? Well some companies don’t include everything on their quotes so when they are done with the installation you get a bill for twice as much. This is not an honest company to work with. Others give you a final bill for what they originally quoted you but with a price that low are you sure they did the work correctly?

Did you know most furnaces installation Twin Cities setups are incorrect. It’s the effect of a rushed technician. They install so many furnaces a day they don’t pay any attention to the details or customization required for your specific home. At Service Today we are the exact opposite. We spend extra time making sure our quotes are in the ball part of the final number you will see and we spend extra time making sure your furnace is installed properly.

After Installation

Once the furnace Installation Twin Cities project is complete there are a few follow up measures you as the homeowner must take. First you should make sure that your furnace is getting its annual tune up. This is a simple check from a furnace installation twin cities technician to make sure that it’s running smoothing and prevent it from bigger problems in the future. These tune ups aren’t too expensive with Service Today, but if you are looking for a deal, being part of the Comfort Club membership gets you a furnace tune up annual for free. You should also be making sure you change out the furnace filter regularly to prevent home fires.

The next part as a new furnace purchases is to make sure you keep your manufacturer’s warranty active. To do this read the fine print of whatever furnace installation Twin Cities product you decide to install and see if there are any nuances included. Some manufactures require a receipt of all of your annual tune ups and if you didn’t get an annual tune up one year your warranty is void. It’s important to know each rule so you don’t end up breaking them without knowing and miss out on your warranty in the end.