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Furnace Installation in Inver Grove Heights

High-Quality Furnace Installation Near You

If you live in the Inver Grove Heights area, you can count on Service Today for high-quality, professional furnace installation.Our team is trained and certified to properly install any make or model. We know all the major HVAC brands and their installation requirements. Whether installing a furnace in a new home or replacing your existing heating system, we’ll ensure it’s the right type and size, properly installed, and provides safety and comfort.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

You never want a furnace breakdown during the heating season. Winters in Inver Grove Heights can be long and bitterly cold. While regular maintenance can keep your furnace going, a major issue can put your family’s comfort and safety at risk. Here are some signs it’s probably time for a new furnace:

  • You Have It More than 15 Years: Furnaces don’t have an expiration datebut can last 15 to 20 years. If your older furnace is running fine, don’t worry; but if there are performance issues, a professional may advise on replacement.
  • There’s Not Enough Heat: If it’s not hot enough, only cold air is blowing, or different rooms are different temperatures, setting the thermostat higher can do more harm than good. Your older, single-speed furnace may simply be outdated.
  • It’s Excessively Noisy: Hearing loud squealing, banging, popping, or grinding sounds means it’s time for a repair. Depending on the damage and condition of your furnace, the best option may be to replace it.
  • Frequent Cycling: Your furnace should cycle on and off in a predictable pattern. It will turn off once the thermostat senses the target temperature has been reached. If the unit cycles on and off more frequently, or runs all the time, call for professional service.
  • The Pilot Light Doesn’t LookRight: The pilot light should be blue. If it is yellow or any other color, there may be a carbon monoxide leak; this is a good time to consider new gas furnace installation.
  • Your Home Is Getting Dustier: Dust is seemingly ever-present in homes, but if there’s more than usual, the furnace may not be removing airborne particles as it should. Perhaps the filter needs to be cleaned or changed. If it hasn’t been in years, there may be permanent damage inside your furnace.
  • The Electric Bill Has Spiked: If a mechanical issue is causing your furnace to run inefficiently, your monthly energy bill can increase dramatically. Installing higher efficiency systems can save you money in the long run.

Benefits of an Efficient Furnace

Efficiency is a major consideration when you’re evaluating the furnace installation cost. A lower energy bill is just one advantage of investing in a high-efficiency furnace. The appliance will certainly save on gas or electricity use, but other benefits include:
  • Improved Comfort: High-efficiency furnaces are more reliable, particularly in extremely cold climates, and handle any type of weather. Some modern units have a sealed combustion chamber, dual heat exchangers, and variable-speed blowers that adjust speed based on demand.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Improved air filtration is an attribute of high-efficiency furnaces. Pollutants are captured before they enter your air supply. This is a plus if your home is dusty, you have multiple pets, or there’s air pollution in your area. A high efficiency rating also means lower greenhouse gas emissions for the environment.
  • Quieter Performance: High-efficiency systems work less hard and therefore don’t produce as much noise. Furnaces that run at lower speeds are especially quiet. Less noise is better for sleeping, studying, or other activities that can be interrupted by loud equipment.
In addition, you may receive a rebate on a high-efficiency furnace. ENERGY STAR® certified models meet specific qualifications and standards, such as 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) or better for northern locations and 90% AFUE or better for homes in southern climates. Another advantage is compatibility with smart thermostats, which can help manage energy consumption even more.

Financing a New Furnace

We know not everyone has the budget for a new furnace. If your system has unexpectedly failed, we offerfinancing to Inver Grove Heights customers that can cover the furnace installation cost. With approved credit, you can get 12-month, no-interest, no payments financing. You therefore get high-quality replacement service and the comfort, safety, and efficiency of new equipmentwithout the high up-front costs.

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