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Furnace Installation Edina

Furnace Installation Quote 101

We’ve seen furnace installation quotes from other companies and as certified HVAC technicians we were confused, we can’t image how much more confusing the whole process is to an Edina home owner after receiving a quote like this. Service Today’s furnace installation Edina quotes are much simpler, the whole process is stressless.

Before we give you a quote first thing we do is visit your home and talk about your overall goals, we don’t want to assume we know what furnace is best for your family without knowing what you want out of your furnace.. Then our certified furnace installation Edina technician will measure your current furnace and ductwork to get an idea of how much air duct modification will be required. Finally you will receive a quote that is legible and breaks down the cost of everything is easy to understand terms.If the price is out of your budget we can talk about financing options with you right there as well.

Service Today’s Quote Includes Ductwork Modification, but Another Company Didn’t.

One of the biggest comments we received after we give a quote for a furnace installation Edina project to a homeowner who is price shopping is that “Your quote has a line for ductwork modification, but Company So & So doesn’t have that on their quote.” Then we explain what ductwork modification is to the homeowner, and they are just as confused as us why the other company wouldn’t include it. When you are doing a new furnace installation Edina project and you are taking something brand new and trying to connect it with tubing from 20 plus years ago it might match up and it might not, but even if it does match up is it as precise as it would be if you were to install everything brand new?

Our Service Today furnace installation Edina technicians want your furnace to last as long as it possibly can, the best way to keep your furnace’s health in top condition is not allowing it to over work and over heat itself. If your new furnace is pushing air through ductwork that was set up for a different unit then it is more than likely overworking itself. That being said, this is why Service Today always includes air duct modification on every quote. To keep your furnace installation Edina project within a reasonable price range and also done correctly make sure the technician knows you want the air duct modification included in your quote.