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Service Today is the leading HVAC company in the twin cities. With over two decades of experience and a unique approach to customer service you won’t be disappointed when you call them. Service Today furnace filter Twin Cities technicians know just about everything there is to know about furnaces. From the big projects, replacing a furnace, modifying the air ducts, checking for gas leaks. All the way to the small stuff like the right furnace filter Twin Cities product for your families home. Give us a call today with any questions you may have.

Lets Talk About Furnace Safety

A few things people don’t know is how important the furnace filter Twin Cities products are in preventing fires in your home during the winter months. If you don’t change your furnace filter regularly (whenever it is dirty) the dirt will build up and cause the whole furnace to overheat. This can cause a fire in your home. Having an annual tune up is an important step to prevent fires because the furnace technician will look at the furnace filter Twin Cities products you have been using and check to make sure he doesn’t see any potential dangers.

When to Replace my Furnace Filter

If you’ve owned a home for a while you know that most companies recommend replacing your furnace filter Twin Cities product ever 1-3 months, but there are some other special times as well. For example if you are doing renovation in the home all that saw dust and sheet rock dust is getting caught in your furnace filter. So right when you are done with the project put a fresh furnace filter Twin Cities product in, or if you are working on the project for weeks change it out in the middle of the project as well. This way you can rest assure your furnace isn’t over heating or working to hard due to a dirty furnace filter Twin Cities product.

Filters in the Winter vs Filters in the Summer

Most people think that changing out your furnace filter Twin Cities products is only important in the winter because your furnace is off during the summer, but that’s not actually the truth. It’s more imporant to change your furnace filter in the summer because there are more windows open and debris and dust floating around from the outside, your furnace filter Twin Cities system will get much dirtier in the summer.