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Furnace Filter Lakeville

Replacing A Furnace Filter

When to replace a furnace filter is the leading question our technicians get from homeowners. It’s not as simple as a number though. When you should replace your furnace filter Lakeville product all depends on which filter it is and your family’s home life. If you have pets and you like your windows open often you will have to replace your furnace fitler Lakeville product more often than someone who keeps their windows shut. The air outside causes the dirt and debris to fly in through the window,

Dangers of Furnace Filters

Most people don’t understand the potential dangers of not changing your furnace filter Lakeville products on a regular basis. Did you know that if a furnace filter Lakeville product gets too clogged that the air has a hard time rushing through its causing the furnace to work harder than it has to. If the furnace is working on high all the time it’s going to overheat and potentially start a house fire.

Do I need to replace my filter in the summer even though the furnace is off?

Yes, you replace your furnace filter all year long, even though your furnace isn’t running in the summer the air is still going through the system and being filter.

Service Today’s Technicians

When it comes to furnace knowledge and experience Service Today furnace filter Lakeville technicians take the cake. With their college education, then their certifications plus the training they are required to take each year as an Service Today employee you can be certain that they know all the different type of furnaces and how to maintain, clean, repair or install them all. Service Today has been in teh business of furnace and HVAC for decades and with all that time in the business one thing is true, that when you put the customer first you will be rewarded. As a business homeowner it’s hard to to look at the bottom line,, but in the service industry like this is is all dependent on who