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Furnace Filter Edina

Furnace Filters

You can pick up a set of furnace filters at your local super store for a dime a dozen, why do they play such a big role in your furnace. You’d be surprised at all the different things that go through the air that we can’t see until they are stopped. The furnace filter protects the furnace from all these different things such as pet dander, dirt and debris from outside, and even sheet rock and sawdust when we do a remodel project in our home. If we didn’t have a furnace filter there to block these things they would go right into the furnace. We would have plenty more breakdowns and our furnace wouldn’t be running as efficiently as it normally does.

So What do Homeowners need to know

There’s a few things that homeowners need to know about their furnace filters Edina products. First, what size is your furnace filter, you can go look on the one that’s in there now or you should also be able to find the size listed on the furnace itself. Secondly, how often should you change your filter. This is a good question. Check with what the recommended date is on your filter otherwise do the one month check. Each and every month for at least 6 months go check your furnace filter, if it looks dirty change it and out replace it. If it looks clean you can put it back in and wait another month to see how dirty it gets between then and now. If you are still not seeing anything change it after 4 months anyways.

How can a furnace filter be dangerous.

If a furnace filter doesn’t get changed on a regular basis (whenever its dirty) everything that’s clogged on the filter makes the furnace work a little harder. Then if the furnace is working too hard there’s a chance that it could overheat which would cause a fire. With all that gas and electrical in your utility room you want to be very careful of this.