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Furnace Filter Apple Valley

Wondering when to change your furnace filter?

It’s a common question among new home owners, how often do you change your furnace filter Apple Valley? Well the answer is not as simple as you would guess. Most HVAC companies would recommend you change your furnace filter Apple Valley product every 3 months, but thats not always the case. If you have a home that sees dirtier air more often the furnace filter is getting dirtier, quicker. That’s not something you want your family to be breathing. What we recommend is that you check your furnace filter every month, if it looks dirty or worn out change it. This will not only save you money on furnace filter Apple Valley products, by only changing them when they need to be changed. It also gives you a good insight at one of the bigger systems in your home. Want to know even more about your furnace system, call Service Today and have us come out for a tune up and check up. We can let you know some more of the important things to know about your furnace as a home owner.

What furnace filter should I use?

Determining what furnace filter you should use is mostly a personal preference, but call up your favorite Service Today furnace filter Apple Valley technician and see what they think, there might be one that works better for your specific setup than another one. For example, a disposable fiberglass furnace filter Apple Valley product is very cheap and can be picked up from most local convenience stores, but it does little to help clean the air. The next step up would be a pleated disposable furnace filter Apple Valley product, this is better than the standard fiberglass at cleaning the air, but it causes the furnace to work harder and blocks some of the air that is trying to get pushed through. Disposable electrostatic are even a bit more expensive, but they do a great job at keeping the air particles that you don’t want to be breathing out of the air. Permanent electrostatic definitely the more expensive of the bunch ranging at around $20 each but it lasts for years, you just need to clean them regularly. The last furnace filter Apple Valley product would be a high efficiency pleated filter, this is what they use in hospitals. It is very good at cleaning out the air but it costs almost $100 a month and doesn’t fit every home.