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Furnace Edina

At Your Service 24×7 Furnace Repair in Edina

When Service Today says 24-7 we actually mean it. Day or night you give us a call and we will have our furnace Edina repair team there for you. What most companies will say is they can be there anytime day or night but check the fine print, if you schedule an emergency appointment in the evening or on the weekends you get charged extra. Not with Service Today, we won’t raise our labor costs just because your furnace decided to break at an inconvenient time. We know you can’t control it, but we can control our prices. This is just another way Service Today outperforms the competition and tries to always keep the customer first.

Don’t let them forget the duct work

So you are planning on getting a new furnace and you’re going around getting quotes, some people are visiting your home and some are just getting information over the phone. Some quotes are really low and others are pretty high. What could be the difference. When it comes to furnace Edina technicians they all will write up quotes a little differently, so to compare apples to apples you really have to ask them questions about what’s included and whats now. Service Today always strives to make the customer feel good about their decision and giving them false hope and sticker shock is now how we want to be repemmerbed for our furnace Edina sales.

A Good Report Card

Service Today wants to continue to improve their service and their skills every year. This can only be done with your help. When a Furnace Edina technician comes to your home if there’s anything you wish was done differently give us a call. We want all the good and bad comments. the good comments are nice to give credit where credit is due, and the bad comments help us improve as a company. If you weren’t completely satisfied with your service we will refund your money.

Time For Your Tune Up

Have you scheduled your furnace’s annual tune up with a certified furnace Edina technician? Service Today has plenty of openings for you to get that safety check that assures you the home is safe. Service Today will even go all the way to check your home for leaking gases. That’s above and beyond the call of duty for a tune up check! We also recommend every home install carbon monoxide testers to ensure your family is safe. Let us help protect your investment with our quality heating and air conditioning tune-up services.