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Furnace Coon Rapids

Who is Service Today Heating and Cooling?

Have you heard about the Comfort Squad or Service Today Heating and Cooling in the past? If not that probably means you haven’t had any issues with your furnace Coon Rapids set up in the past. Service Today is a local small business with a big heart. We do everything from installing new, removing old, fixing and repairing furnace Coon Rapids systems. We’ve been around a few decades and love what we do, not just the management but each furnace Coon Rapids technician is passionate about their jobs.

The biggest thing that helps Service Today stand out is our awesome furnace Coon Rapids technicians, they are the pride and joy of our shop. They are hired not on their technical skills, thats something you can train, but instead on their passion and love of the job and the work they do for others. As a furnace Coon Rapids technician you go in and out of multiple homes a day trying to make not only the furnace coon rapids system better but the homeowners day better.

When Disaster Happens

Weather its Christmas Morning or Just another 3:00AM disaster, if your furnace Coon Rapids system goes out during off hours we understand. Furnaces break all the time and we can’t control it so why should you be charged for something you can’t control. Well with airtech we don’t overcharge the weekend calls or the Holiday calls. We charge the same flat rate labor fees we would any other day of the week.

Furnace Replaced, Repaired or Maintained

Service Today’s furnace Coon Rapids technicians are some of the highest trained technicians in Coon Rapids. Each year they receive over 200 hours of hands on training on all different types, brands, and ages of furnaces. This not only gives them the confidence to go out and repair any type of furnace Coon Rapids system, but it also gives them the knowledge to talk about it as an expert, so when you have a question or what an option about a specific furnace they will be the experts you want to go to. So whether it’s just a question, an emergency repair, or you’re looking to replace the whole furnace Coon Rapids system that’s currently in your home, call the experts at Service Today Heating and Cooling today.

Seasonal Tune-Ups Are Crucial

Imagine buying a new car, only to skip all of the scheduled maintenance appointments. What would happen? That shiny new car would continue working for quite some time, but eventually fuel efficiency would decline, and then one freezing cold winter day you’d find yourself stranded on the side of 35 West with a pricey repair bill ahead. Well guess what? Your heating system is no different. Seasonal tune ups do a lot for protecting not only the life of your equipment, but the size of those winter gas bills. Call us today for maintenance on any make and model of gas or electric system.

Furnace Replacement and Installation

If you talk to us much, or read many articles on our site, you’re going to notice a resounding theme: The initial design, sizing and installation of your HVAC system is paramount to ongoing efficiency, performance and reliability. Let us say it another way: If you spend the money on the finest, most efficient furnace in the industry, that same furnace will fail if it’s not installed according to factory specifications. With Service Today, you not only get a furnace installation done right, but we build on the foundation of Lennox equipment due to their unwavering dedication to quality. When you call Service Today it’s a win win for the comfort of your home!