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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Lighting Services


Lighting Dimmers & Timers

Lighting Control

Ballast & Bulb Replacement

Bath & Kitchen Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Track & Accent Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Security Lighting

Wireless Lighting Controls

Outlets, Switches & Dimmers

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Breakers & Fuses


Your electrical panel is the “nerve center” of your home’s electrical system. Without a correctly working panel, nothing electrical in your home will work right, or work at all!

Did you know that almost half of all homes either don’t have panels large enough to support the electrical needs of the modern home or have outdated panels? Aside from the inconvenience of losing power to areas of your home, both of these situations also increase the risk of electrical fires and injury due to electrical shock!

Electrical Repairs


Circuit Breaker Repair

Outlet Repair

GFCI Outlet Repair

Light Switch Repair

Three-Way Switch Repair

Light Fixture Repair

Doorbell Repair

Ceiling Fan Repair

Wire Repair

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