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Ductless Mini-Splits

The typical heating and air conditioning system that you will find in Twin Cities homes is called a split system. Why? Because an air conditioner (or heat pump) is located outside the home, and the rest of the equipment is located inside the home.

A split system depends on ducting to move and condition air in the home. However, many garages, offices, additions and other living areas don’t have ducting installed. What’s the answer? A ductless mini-split system.

Ductless mini-splits still use the split system approach, but the indoor equipment is compact, and can be mounted on the wall or recessed in a ceiling. The design of ductless air conditioning and heating units is on a per-room basis. However, multiple indoor ductless air handlers can be powered by a single outdoor unit.

It’s time to say goodbye to noisy window and floor units, and say hello to the quiet, efficient comfort of a ductless system. Call Service Today today to learn more. We’re an experienced Twin Cities HVAC contractor who is ready to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!