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Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley

Do you get your dryer vents cleaned regularly?

So you know that the lint trap needs to be cleaned out before each use but did you know about the vent cleaning on the back of your dryer? The average gas dryer only catches 50% of the lint in the lint trap and the rest goes through to the dryer vent. When this builds up over time it affects the efficiency of the dryer and the safety of your family. If you’ve been putting this off or haven’t gotten your Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley call Service Today today.

Don’t be a Statistic

Over 15,000 house fires start each year because of lint build up in the vent. Getting your Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley regularly is a safety hazard that every Apple Valley homeowner should know about.

It Pays to Get a Service Plan with Service Today

You will always see coupons or one time sales for Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley. But how good of a deal is that really? Before you decide to buy these groupons or specials from a start up company with technicians who may or may not be experienced. Check out Service Today’s service program, for a small monthly payment we can take care of all of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valleys needs throughout the year. This includes their annual tune ups, cleanings, and checkups (including Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley). This way you have a company in your corner all year long, not just when there’s a sale going on.

Most companies will do a Dryer Vent Cleaning Apple Valley at a reasonably low cost for Apple Valley residents but do they do a check up for efficiency or safety? And more importantly are they looking at the other things to prevent future safety issues. because that is Service Today’s number one priority, your families safety and well being with the products we service.