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Dehumidifier West St. Paul

Dehumidifier West St. Paul

Is Your Home Too Humid?

This questions is pretty easy to answer.  Your West St. Paul home probably have excess humidity issues if your skin feels sticky, the air is thick, or there is excess moisture accumulating within your household.  We all know what this feel like.  Everyone has experienced an extremely humid Minnesota summer day.  That is a huge reason people decide to install air conditioners in the first place.  The air conditioner alone has the ability to draw out a lot of that excess moisture simply by cooling your home.  But again, sometimes the air conditioner alone does not entirely satisfy your comfort needs. That is why many customers decide to call upon a dehumidifier West St. Paul professional installer to implement a whole house dehumidification system, as this helps control the moisture not only in one specific room, a problem that stand alone units have, but rather it controls the humidity levels throughout the entirety of the house, keeping you comfortable in those hot and humid summer days.  Luckily for you, Service Today Heating & Cooling has experienced dehumidifier West St. Paul installers, technicians that have installed a wide range of brands, makes, and models, so when you do decide to install that new dehumidification system, you can be rest assured, that it will be installed correctly.

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Dehumidifier West St. Paul

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How Dehumidifiers Remove Moisture in the Air? - West St. Paul

How Dehumidifiers Remove Moisture in the Air?

Just think about the desert sun for a second. The environmental condition is so hot, it has the ability to remove all of the moisture from the air itself.  That is why places like the desert have such low humidity levels.  HVAC manufacturers needed to mimic that desert sun, but do it in such a way as to attach that technology cheaply and effectively into your heating and cooling system.  And low and behold, they did it.  Manufacturers have invented a device that heats up the air before your air conditioner cools it down, removing a lot of that excess moisture from the air before it passes through your air conditioner.  In doing this, your dehumidifier West St. Paul unit has effectively removed the majority of the moisture in the air.  And the best thing about this is that the unit talks to your thermostat.  You have the ability to precisely monitor the humidity level in your home.  If you want to set the level to 28% or 18%, you have the ability to do so.  That is how accurate a new dehumidification system can be.

Installing a Dehumidifier in Your Home - West St. Paul

Installing a Dehumidifier in Your Home

Our dehumidifier West St. Paul technicians do an amazing job implementing this kind of technology into your home.  We refer to ourselves as Service Today, because of such technology.  If you want to escape the sticky heat Minnesota summer are famous for, coupling a dehumidification system with your air conditioner is the perfect way to do it.  We will ensure that the installation is exactly the way the manufacturer intended it to be put in.  Too many times, companies execute shoddy work.  They do this in order to keep the cost down, but this also creates problems for your unit in the future.  If you want to rest easy, knowing your new system is installed properly, call our dehumidifier West St. Paul staff.  We will get the job done right!  

What Comes After The Dehumidifier Installation? - West St. Paul

What Comes After The Dehumidifier Installation?

How many times have you purchased a product, a product that you really wanted, but after the purchase itself, you did not receive adequate instructions on how to use it?  This happens with computers, cars, phones, even microwaves and coffee makers.  These days, everything is technologically savvy, and that is why is even more important to fully understand how the product your are purchasing functions.

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, we think it is extremely important make sure our customers know exactly how each and every product they purchase from us, actually works.  That is why our dehumidifier West St. Paul installers go above and beyond what other companies and their technicians do, and happily take the time explain how the dehumidifier works, how the dehumidifier communicates to your thermostat, and what steps you as a homeowner can do to ensure it has a long life, and that the unit itself is functioning as it should.  Most companies are in and out of your home, not taking the time to address all the needs of their customers.  And it is a shame.  You deserve the kind of attention that will ensure you can operate your new system correctly.

Why Service Today Heating & Cooling Is The Best Choice - West St. Paul

Why Service Today Heating & Cooling Is The Best Choice

Service Today Heating & Cooling is different.  We want to leave your home knowing you are expertly versed in everything and anything related to dehumidification.  If this takes an extra hour or two, then so be it.  We are happy to oblige, because it’s not about us, your dehumidifier West St. Paul technicians, the job is not even about the dehumidification unit itself.  It’s about your satisfaction – period!  And your satisfaction is our number one priority, no matter what.  We encourage you to call us and get an estimate on a new dehumidifier.  Once we install it in your home, you will chuckle at the sticky summer sun making your neighbors sweat, knowing your house is as cool and comfortable as it possibly can be. Call Service Today today!

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