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Lighting Services in Dallas

Highly Skilled Lighting Electrician to Ensure Your Safety and Security

A lighting update can improve your overall lighting system or involve repairs or upgrades when remodeling your home. It’s not difficult to install lights if you have the proper experience. And with today’s energy efficient options, you can save energy by updating your interior and landscape lighting with Service Today! Our technicians are experienced with installing, repairing, and replacing all types of electrical lighting. When you hire us, our lighting specialists will help decide what is best for your home, considering what will provide the most security and appeal. All architectural aspects will be considered to ensure you benefit as much as possible.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation

We install all types of light fixtures and specialize in bath and kitchen lighting. Electric light installation also includes properly connecting outlets, switches, and dimmers while our technicians can perform ballast and bulb replacement as well. Recessed, track/accent, and under-cabinet light can be installed. If you need an outdoor lighting electrician, look no further than Service Today! We can help improve the ambiance of your lawn or backyard and improve safety by illuminating paths, doors, and stairs. Lights can be connected to motion sensors to further boost safety or timers to improve efficiency. Our landscape lighting electrician can find the best solutions for highlighting walls, fountains, seating areas, etc. Better yet, all our lighting solutions can be linked to wireless controls, including your smartphone, to improve convenience.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money

We also specialize in LED light retrofitting and installation. Effectively mimicking natural light, LED bulbs are more efficient and longer-lasting. They can be used virtually anywhere, from within a recessed shelf to in the ground, while LED bulbs and light strips are easy to install. If you have a more complex installation in mind, our LED lighting electrician will be happy to help. LED lights are unique in that almost all the energy used goes into illumination. By comparison, most of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs turns into heat. But with LEDs, you get better light that requires a fraction the amount of power. You can therefore see a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Schedule Electrical Lighting Installation or Repair in Dallas Today

Contact our electricians in Dallas for help finding design and installation options best suited for your home. Our electrical technicians are licensed, trained, and knowledgeable. They can handle projects of any size and are always prompt and friendly. To schedule electrical light installation or repair, call (888) 519-8550 today.