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Ceiling Fan Services in Dallas

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair in Dallas, TX

For the most part, it won’t save you trouble to install a ceiling fan yourself. Many people think they can do it, only to find that the mounting and electrical work is beyond their capabilities. A DIY project may give you a sense of accomplishment. But with ceiling fans, you risk injury due to shocks and burns (not to mention falling off a ladder) and possibly causing damage that costs more to fix than installing the ceiling fan itself. At Service Today!, our ceiling fan installers are trained and licensed to install, replace, repair, or upgrade any type of ceiling fan fixture. If the model comes with a light kit or speed control, we can install that as well. Our electricians will correctly install the fan and its components and ensure it is wired properly. They take measures to avoid electrical injuries and have the proper parts on hand, including the ceiling box that goes with the model. Damage to your ceiling and electrical system is therefore avoided.

Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Dallas Home

Ceiling fans provide comfort and improve efficiency all year long. Running them in the summer can allow you to turn the thermostat up a few degrees and retain the same comfort level. Turning counterclockwise pushes cool air toward the floor, reducing the demand on your air conditioner. Fans can be reversed to rotate clockwise in winter. This pushes warm air down so you can feel warmer without turning up the heater. Switching direction is typically as simple as pressing a button. Additionally, ceiling fan motors are more efficient than ACs and furnaces. You can easily turn off a fan when you leave the room, so less energy is wasted. The comfort and efficiency benefits, in addition to the many styles available, mean a ceiling fan can add value to your home.

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