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Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Safe and Effective Electrical Troubleshooting in the Dallas Area

Electrical issues can put you at risk of power failures, shocks, burns, and electrocution. The electrical components in your home are used daily, and thus are subject to substantial wear and tear. After several years, wiring and electrical components may need to be fixed or else you risk serious danger to your home and family. Our Dallas electricians are licensed and trained to diagnose and fix any problem to improve the function and safety of your home. If you need an electrician, Service Today! will be there to fix the problem—fast!

Electrical Issues We Fix

We’re most commonly called for troubleshooting electrical problems that involve tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, faulty switches, and sparking, hot, or dead electrical outlets. A faulty outlet may spark or cause a shock when you plug something in. Most people don’t call if their electric bill is too high, but this is a good reason to request electrical service. If your monthly bill inexplicably surges, then there’s likely something very wrong with your home electrical system. Hot outlets and switches, flickering/dimming lights, or the smell of burning plastic are signs of faulty wiring. If an arc fault occurs, this is a serious fire hazard. A burning odor means the plastic insulation of wires is melting due to overheating. We can address any of these issues quickly to avoid a call to the fire department and dealing with extensive property damage due to a fire.

Professional Electrical Repair in Dallas

We can fix any electrical problem, whether it involves your electrical meter, wiring, or main panel box. Wall switches and outlets are common sources of trouble. For our technicians, these are easy to fix and replace. If a ground fault circuit interrupter fails, we can replace it and restore your safety quickly. There’s no electrical component we can’t repair. Our skilled electrical technicians can fix anything from an outlet to light fixture, or three-way switch to a ceiling fan. We also repair circuit breakers, switches, and doorbells. Acting quickly can minimize the damage, avoid major repairs, and extend the life of electrical devices.

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Before providing any service, electrical troubleshooting enables us to assess the true scope of the problem and find the best solution to resolve it. Once we identify the problem, we’ll repair your electrical system so it is safe and reliable. To receive high quality electrical troubleshooting and repair in Dallas, call us at (888) 393-0953 today!