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Electric Meter and Mast Installation in Dallas

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The electricity meter and service mast are among the most important electrical components in your home. This is the connection point at which electricity enters your home from the local power grid. There are strict rules and regulations for where the utility entrance point is located, that it is properly connected, and clear of obstructions. The meter measures electricity consumption while the mast is a base that helps keep it dry and protected. At Service Today!, we install, repair, and replace meters and electric masts per National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) regulations.

The Service Mast

The latest regulations require an overhead meter mast to be galvanized and attached to the nearest transformer serving the building. The mast must also be about 16 to 18 feet above the ground and be safely connected to the service head. Power reaching this point can come from high-voltage transmission wires that run underground or above ground. In addition to the latest national codes, the service mast must also be installed in accordance with requirements set by the city of Dallas.
There are three wires in the electrical service mast support. Two of them are insulated 120-volt wires and one is a neutral wire for grounding.

The Electricity Meter

All the electricity used in your home is measured by the electric meter. It contains dials and/or a digital readout that changes to indicate consumption of power. Typically, it’s hung on an exterior wall, and is connected to the service mast. The meter is the property of your local power utility company, so tampering with it is not only unsafe, but illegal. Your local utility or Service Today! technicians can troubleshoot and fix a problem if you suspect that the meter needs to be repaired.

Our Mast and Meter Services

The electric meter and mast serving your home consist of several components. Whether installation or repair service is required, we can work with service drops, service laterals, and the wiring between transformers or the meter/mast. Our technicians are experienced at servicing grounding connections as well. If a ground rod, cable, conductor, service ground, or support bracket needs to be installed, repaired, or replaced, Service Today! can do it.

Sometimes equipment wears out, fails, or is damaged for reasons beyond your control. If you need electrical mast replacement or electrical meter replacement, we can quickly complete these complex tasks. For help by our skilled electricians, call 888-205-9590 today!