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Circuit Breaker, Panel, and Fuse Box Services in Dallas

Professional Installation, Repair, and Other Electrical Panel Services

The service panel is arguably the most important electrical component in your home. All the electricity that enters your home passes through it, and the panel regulates electrical current as it is distributed to each circuit. Circuit breakers have replaced fuses that would blow when there was an overload. Each breaker is designed to trip to prevent wires from overloading and avoid shocks, burns, and fires, and can be reset to restore power. If you have an old fuse box, it’s time to consider electrical panel replacement. Service Today! can evaluate your home provide the necessary updates, as our technicians are highly trained in electrical panel and circuit breaker installation.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

An older electrical panel may only support 20 or 40 amps. Modern homes require a minimum of 100 amps to power modern appliances and electronics (some homes have panels with 200 amps or more). If you find you need more power or more circuits, we can install a larger panel or a sub-panel, depending on your needs. Electrical panels come in many different sizes depending on how many circuits are required and whether they’re installed indoors or outdoors. If you need to increase electrical capacity in your Dallas home, let us update your power supply. Our team can provide a meter upgrade as well. If there’s too little or too much electricity flowing through your panel, major problems can result. While we’re updating your panel, we can also inspect and repair/replace wiring and other electrical components to ensure your home is totally safe.

Should You Replace Your Fuse Box?

There are many signs it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade. If you have a fuse box in your home, it’s usually a better idea to replace it, as fuses don’t handle the same amperage loads. A breaker box also works with GFCI outlets, so you’re protected against electrical faults. Installing larger fuses is possible, but this creates a fire hazard that can be avoided with an electrical panel.

Signs that you may need to replace your fuse box or call for circuit breaker replacement include:

  • Your home frequently loses power.
  • Lights flicker when an appliance or tool is used.
  • There are burning odors when using electrical devices.
  • Sparks come from your panel box.
  • Outlets spark or appear discolored.
  • The panel is hot to the touch.
If you’re constantly using extension cords, are installing a larger appliance, or upgrading your home, installing a modern electrical panel is a very good idea. It can greatly improve the functionality of your home not to mention the safety of your family.

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We can quickly replace your fuses with an electrical panel upgrade. Available 24/7, our team can be contacted anytime to address your needs. And if you have wiring issues, we’ll fix those as well, and can protect your property with whole home surge protection. To schedule electrical panel or circuit breaker installation, call (888) 519-8550 today!