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Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps in Dallas

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Swimming pools are a common and much-enjoyed part of summer. However, many people love using their pools all year long in our generally warm and pleasant climate. When the weather cools off, a pool isn’t always the most pleasant unless you are able to heat it. To heat pool water, most pools use a sophisticated water heating system. If your heater isn’t acting right or is experiencing some serious problems, Service Today is the name to turn to for reliable pool heating and heat pump repairs and services. We work with all makes and models and can make sure your pool heater issues are properly addressed so you can continue to swim in safety and comfort. Service Today proudly works with all types of pool heating systems. From traditional gas heaters to electric models and even modern heat pump systems that efficiently warm your pool while using less energy, we can accurately diagnose and repair your issue the right way. Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we offer a world-class experience that is unmatched anywhere else in the metroplex. Plus we always hold our customer service to some of the highest standards to ensure that you’re always completely satisfied with our work.

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Swimming Pool Heating Repairs

Has your heater stopped working? Does your pool seem like it takes an incredibly long time to reach your desired temperature? Does your pool not ever get to the temperature you wanted? You probably have an issue with your heater, and you should call the team at Service Today to take a look! We work with all makes and models of heating systems, including older and newer units alike. We diagnose your issue, complete your repair with high-quality parts, and stand by our work for your peace of mind. This makes us one of the only heating and cooling contractors throughout the DFW area who can service your heating needs both indoors and out! We fix all types of problems with all types of heaters, including:
  • Sluggish heating
  • Lack of heating
  • Excessive energy burn
  • Strange noises or sounds
  • Odd smells
  • Degraded water quality
When a repair isn’t necessarily the best choice, we make sure we always provide you with honesty and transparency. Our recommendations come from a place of professional pride and experience, meaning we will only recommend what we think the best choice for your situation is. When a replacement is the better choice, we offer comprehensive overhauls and total replacements, restoring your ability to heat your pool again as soon as possible.

Heaters vs. Heat Pumps: Which Is the Right Choice?

Heat pumps are quickly gaining in popularity as the heater of choice for swimming pools due to their incredible efficiency and lower cost of operation. While they do carry a higher upfront cost, their overall operating cost is much, much lower. In fact, whereas the energy to run a traditional heater might run between $3 to $9 per hour, a heat pump will cost roughly around $0.63. That alone can more than make up for the difference. However, heat pumps do struggle with colder weather, and that means they aren’t the best choice for someone who wants to be able to use their pool or maintain an aquatic workout regimen through winter days—many pool heat pumps lose their ability to effectively heat a pool when temperatures dip into and below the 40s.

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