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Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair in Coon Rapids, MN

Hot water heaters serve many purposes every day. Whether you have a home, restaurant, or kitchen, you need a functional water heater. Since 2005, Service Today has been helping customers with their water heaters, providing high-quality installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services.

Our technicians are extensively trained. They are also licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your investment. Fully equipped, they get the job done right the first time and are fast, so your water heater will be up and running in one visit.

Water Heater Installation in Coon Rapids, MN

Before we even install a hot water heater, Service Today will help choose the right one for your home or business. Our professionals know all the options available. It’s also essential to select the right sized water heater, which our team will take the time to do. The right water heater will save you water, energy, and money. Our technicians specialize in gas and electric water heater installation. If you are serious about efficiency and the latest technologies, we can even provide tankless water heater installation near you in Coon Rapids, MN. Additionally, our team can meet other needs such as installing water purification and water softening systems.

Water Heater Replacement in Coon Rapids, MN

Many homeowners balk at the hot water heater replacement cost, but Service Today knows how to make the process worthwhile. We also offer financing plans to make it affordable. You’ll always get an accurate estimate and explanation of how replacing your existing system can help you save. There are many new high-efficiency water heaters on the market. In the process, we can also inspect your connections and plumbing, even providing water leak detection to identify any hidden problems so we can fix them and help you save even more over time. You can therefore see how there are many benefits to professional service.

Water Heater Maintenance in Coon Rapids, MN

Our plumbers are capable of quickly and accurately spotting problems to fix while they are still small. Proper maintenance can keep your water heater running trouble free for many years. A water heater maintenance flush or water heater igniter replacement can prevent small issues from escalating and costing you a great deal more. At Service Today, we recommend annual maintenance from a certified professional. And our crews don’t only arrive to take a quick look around. They travel in fully stocked trucks so all the parts and tools are available to make any quick fix that needs to be made. Minor issues can be corrected in little time so there are minimal, if any, changes to your schedule.

Water Heater Repair in Coon Rapids, MN

If you’re seeking water heater repair near you, look no further than Service Today. Our team specializes in quality repair services and knows how to fix a water heater right the first time. Call right away if you’re not getting hot water or your appliance is making noise or looks rusty, cracked, or otherwise damaged. The sooner you schedule water heater repair service, the more likely it is that a larger, more expensive repair can be avoided. We’re trusted for effective drain cleaning and water treatment. Likewise, we can quickly get your water heater running again with the help of a skilled water heater service technician committed to your comfort and satisfaction. To schedule an appointment in Coon Rapids, MN, or inquire about your water heater service cost, call (888) 395-0085 today.