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Coolant Edina

What Kind of Coolant Do You Need?

If your Edina home has an air conditioner system that is over five years old, chances are that the system itself takes the old kind of coolant (R-22). This coolant, although widely used for decades, has recently been deemed unsafe for the environment by the Environmental Protection agency (EPA), and because of this, they have passed laws that will eventually phase this kind of coolant out altogether.

So, what does this mean for you? What if you have a system that takes the old kind of coolant, and you need a coolant recharge due to a slight leak? Well with the new laws that have gone into effect, you are still allowed one recharge. But beyond that, you are going to be out of luck. They are doing this because the old R22 coolant damages the Earth’s ozone layer significantly. The EPA doesn’t want customers putting damaging coolant into a system that leaks. The EPA is encouraging people to look into upgrading new systems, systems that take safer coolant, and systems that are more energy efficient. Our trained coolant Edina certified technicians are great resource to tap. If you have questions regarding coolant, if you think you have a leak in your system, or if your system isn’t bowing cold air, we encourage you to call our office and schedule one of our technicians out to your home. We have the best customer service in Minnesota, and we are confident you will absolutely love us.