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Carrier Air Conditioner Coon Rapids

Carrier Air Conditioner Coon Rapids

Is Carrier A Good Brand?

When our comfort advisors come out and give our customers estimates, one of the most common things they ask has to do with brands.  We can’t begin to tell you how many times we have been asked if Carrier Air Conditioners are good products.  The answer is thousands and thousands.  And it makes sense.  In virtually every other aspect of our consumer world, brand is relatively important.  But when it comes to the buying of a new air conditioner, you would be surprised how unimportant brand really is.  Yes, our company does have certified Carrier air conditioner Coon Rapids based technicians, but we like to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, and understand why brand isn’t that important.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Coon Rapids

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Why Brands Are Not Important - Coon Rapids

Why Brands Are Not Important

Even though Service Today installs Carrier air conditioners, and even though we have certified Carrier air conditioner Coon Rapids technicians, we like to stress that brand doesn’t really matter.  And this isn’t to bash any one company in particular.  It’s quite the opposite.  Most companies that manufacture air conditioners make decent products.  But the most important things people can focus on when purchasing a new air conditioner center on two main ideas.

The first being size.  It’s imperative that you make sure the company installing your new air conditioner is installing the right sized air conditioner for your home specifically.  The second thing you have to make sure companies are doing is the proper heating and cooling modifications to your Coon Rapids home’s existing system.  New units do not work well with old ventilation systems.  And the most shocking thing of all… most companies don’t even make these modifications.  They want to keep the price as low as possible, so you will buy from them, and they do this by not including the right modifications (they hope that you just won’t know the difference)

AC Size Matters - Coon Rapids

AC Size Matters

If you have a system that is too large for you home, that air conditioner is going to be constantly turning on and off, and just like when you start a car, and how that car takes a lot of gas to initially start up, the same principle hold true for starting up an air conditioner.  You burn twice as much natural gas and electricity starting up an air conditioner system, compared to a unit that is just simply running.  You can imaging how an oversized unit can dramatically increase your utility bills.  Plainly put, you can purchase the biggest, baddest, most expensive unit, and if it’s not the right size for your home, it won’t do a darn thing for you or your Coon Rapids Family.  So truly is everything!

And the same can be said about a system that is undersized for you rhome.  We have found that most homes have improperly sized equipment.  If you have put additions to your home, or if you hired a company that didn’t take down the proper calculations, you are going to have an undersized unit more times than not.  That means the unit will constantly be running, putting way too much stress on the unit and every one of its components, and in the process, greatly increasing the risk of breakdowns and premature system failure.

Our technicians make sure that we measure out the perfect sized system for your home.  We do this because we want to be proud of each and every install we complete, and if we don’t measure out the right size unit for your Coon Rapids home, than we did you an injustice.  And we are avidly against providing shoddy installations to customers.  We just see it too often to take part in the practice ourselves.  

Choose Service Today For Your AC Installation - Coon Rapids

Choose Service Today For Your AC Installation

The second and equally important thing you need to consider when shopping around for air conditioner, whether you utilize one of our Carrier air conditioner Coon Rapids technicians or not, you need to make sure that the company you do choose makes the proper modifications to your existing ductwork.  Without the correct amount of airflow, your system will breakdown.  It’s pretty much guaranteed.  And without making the necessary ductwork modifications, it’s extremely likely your existing ventilation system cannot support the new unit you are going to put into your home.

We strongly encourage you to chose Service Today Heating & Cooling company for your Carrier air conditioner install, because the majority of companies won’t do these important modifications.  But it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you initially look at this problem.  You would think that all companies would include these modifications, right?  Well, unfortunately, that is not the case.

Most companies avoid these kinds of modifications, because they know homeowners won’t know the difference one way or the other.  They just bank on the fact that all homeowners really care about is physically feeling cold air blow out of their vents.  And so they do not include these modifications to keep the price lower, and they kept the price lower, because most people just shop on price alone.  These company take advantage of Coon Rapids customers and their lack of HVAC knowledge in order to ensure they make the sale, and as a consequence, you get a poor installation, one that will cause a whole lot of problems down the road.

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, our Carrier air conditioner Coon Rapids technicians will always make the perfect modifications to your home.  We do this, because we want to be proud of the work we put out there, and we want you to be able to rely heavily on your new system for decades.  To achieve this kind of reliability, you need a company that will install the right sized unit and make the right modifications.

When you use Service Today to install your air conditioner, you are buying quality, value, honesty, and integrity.  These four core values are the pillars upon which our company rests.  So, call our Comfort Squad today.  We guarantee you will be please with the work we perform.  And if you are not… well, we always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  And we strongly encourage people to utilize it to its fullest extent.  If that doesn’t provide you with the peace of mind you need to make the right decision, then nothing will!  So, call us today!

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