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Bryant Air Conditioner Edina

Bryant Air Conditioner Edina

Is Bryant A Reliable Air Conditioner?

Service Today Heating & Cooling has had the opportunity to work with, service, maintenance, and install virtually every kind of air conditioner brand on the market.  And because of this experience, it gives us a unique position to speak about the quality of brands that are available to Minnesota consumers.  We get asked if there is a specific brand or company that is the best, like if there is a ‘best’ Bryant air conditioner Edina certified company, or if there is a particular Bryant air conditioner that is better than another.  And to answer that question, we must first ask ourselves, what is really important when installing a new unit.

Instead of getting caught up on all the concept of brand, Edina customers should really be concerned with the type of installation the company they are choosing will perform, and the kinds of written guarantees and written warranties the company will offer its customers.  These are perhaps the two most important factors when installing a new air conditioner.  So, even though Bryant is a decent air conditioner system, it’s not any better or worse than the other top ten brands available today.

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Bryant Air Conditioner Edina

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Does A Bryant Air Conditioner Have Good Warranties? - Edina

Does A Bryant Air Conditioner Have Good Warranties?

What Service Today Heating & Cooling does differently, is this.  Our Bryant air conditioner Edina certified company provides the best extended warranties and written guarantees in Minnesota.  We do this because we are so confident in our ability to make sure your unit will be installed properly, and that it will function as advertised, that we know you are not going to have issues with your Edina home’s new unit.  So, when we give you a 5 – 10 year warranty on your system, we are only doing so, because we know it won’t cost us any more money.

Sure we like to make our customers happy, but we know this, because we install every unit perfect, and with good installs, comes good working units, units that will be efficient, last a long time, and will not break down. So, whether you buy a Bryant air conditioner, or any other brand out there, it really doesn’t matter.  Service Today’s extended warranties go above and beyond any other company and manufacturer.  We are happy to provide this to you and your Edina home, because we know we do good work. It’s as simple as that!

That being said, most HVAC manufacturers offer at least a decent limited warranty on all of their products.  They are pretty much forced to because every other company offers a decent warranty as well.  And so, regardless of the brand you choose, the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer will be in tact.  But it’s important to note that this warranty doesn’t cover nearly as much as it could cover.  The manufacturer that sells to Bryant air conditioner Edina companies won’t bend over backwards to make sure you are getting a good deal.  They simply don’t care, because they don’t generally sell directly to customer.  They only sell to businesses.  That’s why its so important to take up the this issue with your install company directly.

And that’s where the company you hire to install your unit comes into play.  Most companies will offer some kind of warranty on top of the limited warranty the manufacturer provides with the purchase of a new unit.  But these warranties can vary in degree and in range dramatically.  So , what you need to ask yourself is this.  Does the company I am choosing to put in my air conditioner offer a good Parts and Labor Warranty?  How many years are they giving me?

The secret is this.  Most reputable companies won’t have a problem giving you an extended warranty on the products they install for your home, because they know they are putting in your system correctly, and they know that they stand by their work.  It’s when you aren’t getting decent extended warranties from the company you choose, its those isn’t faces were you run into problems.  If you purchased a unit from a Bryant air conditioner Edina certified company, but didn’t get any good extended warranties or written guarantees with your system, you are more than likely going to run into trouble down the road.  So don’t make the mistake of hiring some guy out of a truck.  Call Service Today Heating & Cooling to install your Bryan system today.  We will take care of you and your Edina family. We promise you this!

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