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Sewer and Drain Repair Specialists in Brooklyn Park, MN

Service Today is known for high-quality customer service when it comes to drain and sewer repair, installation, and maintenance. Customers in Brooklyn Park, MN, and surrounding areas rely on us for prompt service and reasonable prices. We guarantee high-quality plumbing services across the metro area, from drain cleaning to the latest water treatment solutions. Dedicated to keeping your home or business safe and comfortable, we’re committed to getting every job done right and provide a one-year warranty covering installation work and parts. Whatever it takes to get your sewer running, our team can do it. Call (888)-998-2032 to schedule professional sewer, drain, and plumbing service.

Drain and Sewer Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

We are available 24/7 to address your drain and sewer installation needs and employ licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing technicians. Proper installation is our priority. Our expertise allows us to use the latest tools and methods, from mapping out your sewer lines to installing drain traps for optimal waste water distribution. Our knowledge of drain lines enables us to repair or replace drain pipes and components. A range of drain cleaning techniques can be employed, including water jetting. Other services we offer include sump pump installation and replacement, pipe relining, grease trap cleaning, and video pipe inspection. Schedule installation service or a consultation today by calling (888)-998-2032.

Brooklyn Park, MN, Maintenance for Drains and Sewers

If your drains are slow or stopped up, or a sewer line is backing up into your home, it can be a messy and unhealthy situation. Normal wear and tear eventually lead to problems. Inspecting your drains and pipes regularly is a good way to spot and/or avoid trouble.  While DIY drain cleaning solutions like baking soda and vinegar help to some extent, they don’t solve every problem. If you’re regularly disrupted by slow drains, a deeper problem with your plumbing may exist. Fortunately, Service Today can employ many solutions to get water flowing freely in your Brooklyn Park, MN, home or office. Call (888)-998-2032 to set up drain and sewer line maintenance.

Drain and Sewer Repair Specialists

At Service Today, we can fix any drain or sewer problem right the first time. Our technicians are highly professional and reliable. Serving Brooklyn Park and the metro area since 2005, we can address the underlying cause of standing water in your basement, puddles in your yard, or waste water backing up in your home. No matter how big or small the problem, we can fix it. Our team can repair and install equipment from any manufacturer. Stocked with the right parts and tools, our technicians are able to fix any problem quickly. If you have an emergency, we’re open 24/7 and can send out a crew, day or night. Call (888)-998-2032 today to request a repair.

Water Jetting Services in Brooklyn Park, MN

We’re here to address drainage and sewer troubles for both homeowners and business owners. If your kitchen is having drainage problems, we are equipped to clear things up and fix the issue permanently. Installing a grease trap can prevent drain clogs due to grease, oil, and food waste. A water jetting machine is the ultimate solution for breaking up a clog. If a drain auger or plunger doesn’t work, we offer water jetting services that clear drains and pipes without using harmful chemicals. High pressure water is often enough to clear and clean water lines. You can even schedule regular water jetting drain cleaning for high-use drains. To schedule water jetting near Brooklyn Park, MN, call Service Today at (888)-998-2032.