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Call for Expert Help Replacing a Main Water Shut Off Valve

The water shut off valve is an important plumbing component in your home. It can be used anytime there is a plumbing issue, you need a repair, or otherwise need to turn off your water supply. Even if you don’t use it much, you will eventually have to replace a water shut off valve. Rather than take the risk of replacing it yourself, schedule a visit with Service Today! in Brainerd and our licensed plumbers will take care of the job in no time.

How Often Should Shut Off Valves Be Replaced

A shut off valve generally lasts from 10 to 15 years. After that, it can develop problems that prevent you from using it when you need it the most. But if the valve goes bad in any of the following ways, contact us and we can send a plumber the same-day, or even after hours or on weekends:

  • The valve gets stuck and applying WD-40 does not unseize it.
  • There’s a leak and tightening the valve’s packing nuts doesn’t stop it.
  • The valve will only partially close.
  • A pipe connected to the valve bursts.
  • The component is corroded, worn, or damaged.

Schedule a Water Shut Off Valve Replacement with Service Today! In Brainerd 

Replacing a main water shut off valve requires a few basic steps you’re better off having a professional plumber handle. We can find the root cause of a leak or other issue, shut off the main water supply, and turn on faucets to get rid of residual water in pipes. Our team will handle permit requirements and replace the valve. We provide up front pricing plus coupons and specials. And all our work is covered by a customer satisfaction guarantee, so we’ll always make it right if you’re not happy with the job we do.

If you need to replace a water shut off valve, call us at (888) 329-1185 for high-quality service in Brainerd, MN.