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If you’re looking for a mainline replacement contractor in Brainerd, MN, you can count on Service Today! for high quality service and a job done right. All plumbing pipes eventually need to be replaced and the mainline is no exception. We provide the most cost-effective solutions available and have financing options so you can afford the plumbing repairs and updates that you need. Our friendly, professional plumbing specialists will explain the entire process and provide upfront pricing before replacing your water mainline.

What Is the Mainline?

The main water line is the main pipe that delivers water into your home. From here, pipes branch out to provide water to your sinks, showers, toilet, heater, hoses, and other plumbing fixtures. If this large pipe fails, you won’t be able to cook, shower, or do anything that requires running water. A mainline can get clogged or wear out and break like any plumbing pipe. When this happens, only an experienced plumber has the skills and tools to fix the problem.

How Do I Know There Is a Problem with My Mainline?

Since the mainline is underground, you may not see direct evidence of a leak. If water is seeping out, a higher water bill may be the only effect. The mainline typically runs under your front yard. A denser, greener patch of grass can mean there’s more water to draw from, the potential source being a leaky mainline.

The ground shouldn’t be wet if it hasn’t rained. But if there are soft and soggy patches of ground nonetheless, a burst pipe is a real probability. A leak that’s big and strong enough can cause muddy water to surge up and form a bubbling mess in the soil. If it reaches your home then there can be mold or structural damage.

If there’s a sudden rush of water from your mainline, call the utility company to come and turn off the line. Turn off the building’s water supply as well to prevent water from entering the structure.

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At Service Today!, we’re equipped for replacing a water mainline quickly, often without costly and time-consuming excavation. We can finance your installation with no interest for 12 months. Check our coupons and specials often to find additional ways to save. Our licensed technicians have the training, tools, and expertise to take on the most complex plumbing projects in Brainerd. To learn more or schedule a mainline replacement, call (888) 519-8550 today!