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Water heaters are hard-working, energy guzzling appliances. But now there is an alternative to that massive tank in your basement—a tankless water heater. It has no storage tank. The system activates when you turn the faucet, producing hot water on demand and heating it within seconds. You essentially get a continuous supply of hot water.

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Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Tankless water heaters are an engineering marvel. For a long time, homeowners have relied on a system that must store, heat, and re-heat water for you to use it. On-demand water heaters have many advantages over traditional units, including:

  • An Endless Hot Water Supply: The issue of capacity has been eliminated, as water is heated as it’s needed, whether for a faucet or a plumbing appliance. It will never run out as long as the heater’s flow rate isn’t exceeded.
  • Instant Hot Water Availability: Water is typically heated to full temperature in about 15 seconds. Like a tank-type heater, hot water takes time to reach fixtures, but a recirculation pump can reduce wait time by pushing cold water back through the heater.
  • Energy Efficiency: A tankless system runs only when you need it. Tankless gas water heaters with dual heat exchangers extract up to 96% of a fuel’s heat potential. Overall, tankless systems put 82 cents on the dollar into heating water, compared to just 60 cents with a tank-based unit.
  • Compact Design: At just 16 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 6 inches deep, a tankless unit can fit in a closet or laundry room. Traditional water heaters are about two feet wide and five feet tall, so require much more space.
  • Longer Operating Life: Tankless systems cost a little more than traditional units but can last up to 25 years. By comparison, a traditional water heater tank has an 8–12-year life expectancy.
  • Leaks Are Unlikely: A 50+ gallon tank of water can create quite a mess if it leaks. Tankless units don’t carry that risk. If they do leak, the impact is about the same as a leaky faucet.

Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless gas water heaters are highly efficient, as we mentioned earlier, and have a longer life expectancy. However, they’re limited to homes that have a gas line or propane tank. Electric tankless water heaters need only electricity, which just about every home has. They’re even smaller and quieter than gas-powered units, while vents aren’t needed so the heater can be placed under a sink. Electric models have an output up to 36 kilowatts; if your groundwater supply is warm, a tankless unit can supply your entire home; in colder regions, it’s better suited for point-of-use applications with less demand.

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