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Fixing a Slow Drain Is No Problem for Our Experienced Plumbers

A slow shower drain is one of those plumbing problems that may not seem so bad, but can lead to additional problems if it’s not fixed. At Service Today!, we provide shower drain repair throughout Brainerd, MN. A slow drain, whether caused by a partial clog, mineral scale, or a plumbing vent issue, can be quickly fixed by our well trained and equipped technicians. We are committed to high-quality customer service and home plumbing repairs.

Fixing a Slow Shower Drain

You can try fixing a slow drain yourself, but DIY repairs often make matters worse. But to start, you can try unclogging the blockage by hand. Remove the stopper and bend the end of a metal wire into a hook, then slide it into the drain to lift out any debris. You can also use hot water with vinegar and baking soda with CPVC pipes. The age-old method of using a plunger, even on a slow shower drain, can help when the plunger is submerged in water and placed firmly over the drain. Sharp, downward, motions, often loosen the debris enough to clear it.

Service Today! uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment to quickly clear shower drains and get them working again. The techniques that we use include:

  • Video Camera Inspection: In-line cameras are lowered into the drain to see what is clogging it and where, so we know exactly how to proceed.
  • Water Jetting: Injecting pressurized water into a clogged drain can clear the drain and pipe without harmful chemicals, and clean pipe interiors to prevent additional buildup.

If necessary, our licensed plumbers will fix a vent issue or repair/replace sections of pipe. All our work is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Our team is trained and equipped to complete any type of shower drain repair in Brainerd. Stocked with all the tools and parts they need, our technicians can fix the issue in one visit. Online coupons and specials are available to help you save. To schedule same-day service and receive an honest price estimate, call (888) 329-1185 today.