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Replacing a Toilet Can Be Simple and Stress Free!

Installing a toilet on your own can be difficult and time consuming. At Service Today!, our licensed technicians have the tools and training to remove your old toilet, check and install necessary pipes and valves, and properly install the new one. They’ve handled toilet replacement countless times and can complete the job often in less than an hour.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and all our technicians are seasoned professionals. They travel in fully stocked trucks. That means no matter what issues they find, repairs can be made on the spot using the parts and tools they have available. We can dispatch a crew to your Brainerd home quickly, so same-day appointments mean your new toilet can be installed before you know it (we’re also open 24/7 for emergencies).

Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet

Well-maintained toilets can last several decades. There are times that replacing a toilet is pretty much the obvious choice. These are some of the signs that simply cannot be ignored, and which you should call Service Today! for toilet replacement:

  • Poor Flushing: A weak flush can require flushing the toilet multiple times to drain it. You may need to frequently use the plunger, as the unit may keep clogging up. And if the toilet overflows, you’ll be dealing with a messy cleanup.
  • High Water Usage: If you have a toilet installed prior to 1980, it uses 7 gallons per flush, while usage was cut to 3.5 gallons per flush thereafter. Some of today’s high-efficiency toilets use just 1.6 gallons per flush, which can save you significantly on utility costs.
  • Old Toilet: Generally, a toilet should be replaced every 25 years, but longevity can vary quite a bit. If it was installed before 1994, you may want to consider toilet replacement due to efficiency standards. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 led to dramatic decreases in water use per flush.
  • Frequent Repairs: If you need two or more toilet repair visits in a short time, you’re already exceeding the average cost to replace one. There may still be underlying plumbing issues. So be sure the plumber checks your plumbing system to avoid future expenses.
  • Toilet Isn’t Working Right: Whether it constantly clogs up, never stops running, is leaking, cracked, or not flushing at all, a toilet should be replaced to avoid damage to your home and the cost of repair it. Just a small leak can have drastic consequences.

Schedule a Toilet Replacement with Service Today! In Brainerd

If replacing a toilet is the best, or only option, you can count on Service Today! to get your bathroom fully functional again. Customers throughout Brainerd have benefited from our high-quality service, coupons, and discounts. We’ll even finance your update. To learn about the options, inquire about the cost to replace a toilet, or schedule an appointment, call (888) 578-5641 today! We can also be reached via our interactive contact form.