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Licensed Garbage Disposal Installers in Brainerd

One of the most overlooked plumbing fixtures, garbage disposals are a necessity and modern-day convenience. Installing them properly is essential or they can be more prone to getting clogged or jammed. Whether you’re adding a garbage disposal for the first time or need one replaced, Service Today! can help with garbage disposal installation. Hundreds of Brainerd customers have relied on our high-quality service, training, and the latest tools and equipment to get the job done right. 

We also stand by our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If our team doesn’t get it right, we won’t charge to make it so, whether performing garbage disposal or dishwasher installation service.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Oftentimes a garbage disposal can be repaired. Our technicians handle all types of repairs, but it may be time to replace the unit if you notice any of the following signs:

  • You can’t turn on the garbage disposal.
  • Loud metallic noises that you’ve never heard before.
  • The garbage disposal repeatedly gets clogged.
  • You need to press the disposal reset button often.
  • The unit frequently blows the circuit breaker.
  • Odors are persistent and impossible to remove.
  • The disposal is no longer performing as expected.
  • It is leaking water under your sink or onto the floor.

Schedule a Garbage Disposal Install with Service Today! In Brainerd 

It’s time to call a plumber if you notice any of the above garbage disposal symptoms. We’ll determine whether the problem is caused by a clog of food items or if an object has damaged the unit’s internal mechanism. But when it’s time for a replacement, you can expect Service Today!’s licensed technicians to provide fast and effective garbage disposal installation, so your new system won’t have any problems.

To schedule service or get an honest quote on the cost to install a garbage disposal in your Brainerd home, call (888) 329-1185 today.