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Air Conditioning Tune Up Burnsville

Air Conditioning Tune Up Burnsville

Preventing AC Breaks Downs

The majority of homeowners have developed the belief that their heating and cooling units do not need to be maintained.  The whole ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ type of mentality is something our company has been trying to overcome since we opened our doors fifteen years ago.  The primary objective in trying to overcome this kind of thinking isn’t to drive more business (not that we wouldn’t welcome it, of course), but its truly to educate Burnsville, MN homeowners that this kind of thinking is just plain wrong!

But why do so many people firmly believe this to be the truth?  This is a good question, and at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we have found that the answer rests in the fact that, many times, cooling units will continue to work, even if they have not had the proper preventative maintenance performed.  This is precisely where people are making a false connection.

Here are the facts, plain as day. Over 80% of breakdowns can be prevented with tune ups!  Air conditioning tune ups can lower your energy bills 25% or more.  Air conditioning tune ups extend the life of your unit.  Air conditioning tune ups ensure your Burnsville family’s safety.  Our company doesn’t just throw these numbers out to drive business.  These are precise findings.  We express these findings to motivate you to perform your annual tune up.  At the end of the day, it is only to your benefit.  And the good news is that our friendly staff, and skilled air conditioning tune up Burnsville technicians will ensure you are taken care of.  We promise you this.

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Air Conditioning Tune Up Burnsville

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