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Air Conditioning Repair St. Louis Park

Air Conditioning Repair St. Louis Park

Air Conditioning Repairs in St. Louis Park

Nothing is worse than finding out that your air conditioning unit has broke down.  It’s even worse when it is extremely hot out.  And perhaps the ultimate slap in the face is trying to fall asleep when you are sweating.  Your home should be comfortable.  You spend half of your life inside your home.  You deserve to make sure that the temperature inside each and every room is exactly as you would want it.

So, if you have hot and cold spots in your house, if your air conditioner just isn’t getting up to temperature, or if it has completely stopped working, call our air conditioning repair St. Louis Park company.  Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Squad guarantees they can have a technician out to your home the same day you call.  That’s right.  No more waiting around for a company to come out and fix your unit.  Even if this means we have to work all night.  We will get to your home the same day.  Your comfort is our number one priority.  Call us and let’s get your unit up and running again.  Let’s help you stop sweating!

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Air Conditioning Repair St. Louis Park

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Air Conditioning Repair Costs - St. Louis Park

Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Knowing that your air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive things you have in your home, you can probably guess that a repair might be expensive.  And the reality is, many times this is true.  It all depends on the breakdown specifically.  At Service Today Heating & Cooling, our goal is to find an affordable way to get your air conditioning unit working again.  We know there are other HVAC companies in the St. Louis Park area that try to take advantage of your predicament.  They know you don’t entirely understand that ins-and-outs of an air conditioner, and because of that, they try to get away with unnecessary repairs.  This is just a shame.

Our goal is to help you.  We are a service company.  We service people.  That’s what your experience with Service Today HEating & Cooling ultimately boils down to.  It’s not about getting your air conditioning unit working again (though we will certainly do that in a jiffy), but rather, it’s about simply helping you and your family feel comfortable again.  That’s why with every single repair, our air conditioning repair St. Louis Park technicians assess the situation, formulate a few different repair options based on your personal budget, and let you decide what to do.

We never give you ultimatums, we never try and rip you off, and we never try to upsell you things you don’t need.  We put ourselves in your shoes.  We look at the situation from your point of view.  And after we do this, Service Today Heating & Cooling can successfully provide you with the best service experience you can buy.  Simply put, we understand, we listen, and we care.  By doing these three integral things, our air conditioning repair St. Louis Park technicians make sure every one of our customers is happy.

Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioning Unit? - St. Louis Park

Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

We get this alot.  When homeowners call us, because their unit is broke, their first question is, how much will it cost?  And many times, they are surprised with how reasonable, affordable, and fairly priced the outcome is.

But there are also times when it just isn’t realistic to keep sticking money into a system that will continue to break down and cause your family trouble.  If you have a unit that is more that 12 years old, and you have a repair that will cost you hundreds of dollars or more, you should strongly consider investing in a new system.

Nowadays, there are uber energy efficient air conditioning units available.  They save you a lot of money on energy bills, they are much safer for the environment, they are much quieter, look sleeker, and are smaller too.  Manufactures have made huge strides in the quality and capabilities of air conditioner units, and so if you have a unit that is relatively old, our air conditioning repair St. Louis Park technicians will educate you on the various options for replacement as well.  Even if you decide to go with the repair, you will atleast be armed with all the right information to make an air conditioner purchase in the years to come.  That’s the most important thing we can do for you, educating you about the different options available to you.  Because if you don’t know the different options from which to choose, you cannot make a wise decision.

So, before you call another company out to your home, before you get taken advantage of, before you experience poor customer service, call Service Today Heating & Cooling.  We will provide you with an amazing service, and we are confident you will never have to choose another HVAC company for your home in the future.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you are more than 100% satisfied.  We care about your St. Louis park home, and your family.  Let us show you what a real HVAC company can do.

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Air Conditioning Repair St. Louis Park

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