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Air Conditioning Repair in Cottage Grove, MN

Air Conditioning Repair in Cottage Grove, MN

How much are you spending on AC repairs?

Do you need AC repair in Cottage Grove? Let’s run the numbers for a second. There are literally hundreds of reasons why your air Cottage Grove home’s conditioning unit breaks down, but more than 75% of these causes can actually be prevented with the proper air conditioning maintenance. Another staggering number is that your air conditioning unit will break down once every 4 years. And an average air repair costs homeowners roughly $350. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 16 years. So, what do all these numbers mean exactly?

Well, if you total all of these numbers up, this means your air conditioning unit will break down at least 4 times over the course of its life, and the average number of dollars spent to get your air conditioning unit fixed will total $1,400.00. That is a lot of money! Did you budget that much money into your purchase? What would happen if you had the proper maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit annually? Well, if 75% of breakdowns could have been prevented, you can take those 4 breakdowns, and reduce them down to just one! That means more money in your pocket. We encourage you to call our friendly air conditioning repair Cottage Grove certified staff to help you prevent these costly breakdowns.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Cottage Grove, MN

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One Of The most Common AC Repairs - Cottage Grove

One Of The most Common AC Repairs

One of the most common air conditioning repairs our technicians encounter has to do with a component in your unit called the electrical whip.  This component is a moisture proof and flexible electrical supply that powers the condensing unit itself (it powers the part that actually produces cool air).  The main causes of this part failure are connectors breaking away from the moisture proof wrapping, water has got inside the warping itself, animals have chewed the the wrapping, weather deterioration, the whip has been burned or shorted, or the whip itself is actually undersized for your particular unit.  Now of all of these potential causes, 785% of them could have been prevented if one of our air conditioning repair Cottage Grove technicians would have come out to your home annually and performed preventative maintenance on the unit itself.

But perhaps the scariest thing about this component is that the electrical whip can actually be faulty, but the air conditioner can still continue to operate, and if this is the case, the units poor condition can be extremely hazardous! This is why it is so important to call one of our professionally trained air conditioning repair Cottage Grove certified technician out to your home rather than you trying to figure out the problem on your own.

How Much Do AC Repairs Cost On Average? - Cottage Grove

How Much Do AC Repairs Cost On Average?

As mentioned above, the average cost of an air conditioning unit repair is around $350 dollars.  But many times, incompetent and shady hvac companies commonly take advantage of customers and over charge on their repairs.  This is something airtech Heating & Cooling has vowed to never do!  We value honesty and integrity over everything else, and we do this because that is exactly what customers deserve.  Our air conditioning repair Cottage Grove technicians know that they would never want to be taken advantage of, and because of this, we do not implement these kinds of business practices into our company model.  It is unfortunate how often hvac companies implement these kinds of dishonest business practices.  But rest assured, if you call us, you know you are going o get fair and honest pricing, you know your are going to get fantastic customer service, and you also know you are going to get all of your questions answered. Our air conditioning repair Cottage Grove certified technician do an amazing job of this.  They actually take the time to sit you down, and explain the condition of your unit, why the breakdown occurred, what they will do to rectify the situation, and what steps you as a Cottage Grove homeowner can take to prevent the issue from arising in the future.  It is these extra steps that we pride ourselves in.  So please, before you call another company, let’s come out to your home and fix your air conditioning unit the right way, the way that won’t leave your pocket book emptied, and the way that will leave you educated and smiling!  That is our promise to you.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we encourage customers to take advantage of that wholeheartedly.  We stand by it, because we know we will deliver.  Every time!

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Air Conditioning Repair in Cottage Grove, MN

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