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Air Conditioner South St. Paul

Air Conditioner South St. Paul

What You Look for in an AC Company

What’s the most important thing you look for in an air conditioner company? Is it their punctuality, their professionalism?  It is their cleanliness, their friendliness, or their price? In a perfect world, every single category that was just mentioned would be important.  This hypothetical Air Conditioner South St. Paul Company would strive to ensure they deliver these attributes to their customers on every single call.  And is this really too much to ask for out of a company? After all, it is your hard earned money you are spending.  In the end, the company that you do choose to hire should deliver on all of these areas and then some.  At Service Today Heating & Cooling, we strive every single day to do just that.  But it is really hard to tell customers what we will do, without actually showing them!  That’s the main reason we employ a 100% Money Back Guarantee for every single call.  We truly want you to call us out to you home and scrutinize our work efforts.  Why?  Because it makes us a better company. It hold us accountable to the things that we know our customers really want out of an air conditioner South St. Paul company.

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Air Conditioner South St. Paul

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It’s More Than Just an AC Repair - South St. Paul

It’s More Than Just an AC Repair

Yes, we have the right technicians employed at our company, the qualified and knowledgeable technician that you would expect out of a reputable company such as ourselves.  We know how to repair every single kind of unit on the market, but is that truly something that sets us apart from the rest.  I wouldn’t think so. This is not something we even mention or employ to differentiate ourselves from every other air conditioner South St. Paul company out there.  And why is that?  Because that is supposed to be expected!  Every single customer should anticipate qualified technicians, and that’s why we choose not to advertize the vast knowledge base each and every one of our air conditioner South St. Paul technicians possess.

On the other hand, What we do advertise is the way you should feel after we complete the repair itself.  We are called Service Today, because we concentrate our efforts solely on that word ‘comfort.’  We want you to feel comfortable with us in the home, repairing your units.  We want you to feel comfortable enough to indulge in an hour of small talk with us, we want you to feel comfortable when you go to sleep, knowing your system is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Its the word comfort that drives our company philosophy, and that is what we aim to achieve on every single call – making you feel comfortable.  Because that is whats its all about.

Your Installation and Your AC Unit’s Long Life - South St. Paul

Your Installation and Your AC Unit’s Long Life

There are many different ways companies keep the price low to blind you with their price tag.  This is an unfortunate circumstance that plagues the air conditioner South St. Paul industry all too often.  The truth of the matter is every company gets their equipment for the same price.  So, why are there always vast differences in price? Something to think about?  Clearly these South St. Paul companies, heck every single company in the whole state of Minnesota are doing something to keep the cost low?  And that ‘something’ probably doesn’t equate to a good installation in the end of the day. When we opened our doors, we vowed never to be like these companies – ever!  We install your unit the right way to make sure it lasts as long as possible.  Who really wants to buy another air conditioner after eight years anyway?

Keeping Your System Running Smooth & the AC Tune Up - South St. Paul

Keeping Your System Running Smooth & the AC Tune Up

There are plenty of horror stories that illustrate that need for an air conditioner South St. Paul tune up, and we could blather on and on about these kinds of stories, or simple leave you with this useful information.  If you do your preventative maintenance on a regular basis you will ensure you family is safe, your will ensure you energy bills are reduced, you will ensure your system lasts longer, and you will ensure your system’s warranties are still valid.  These are the top reason you must keep up on preventative maintenance.  We encourage you to check out our Comfort Club Membership preventative maintenance plan.  Get your air conditioner South St. Paul tune ups done every year and save a bunch of money at the same time!  Win Win!

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