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Air Conditioner Repair Burnsville, MN

Air Conditioner Repair Burnsville, MN

When you need honest, reliable & 24 hour AC repair in Burnsville, MN call Service Today. Our trucks are stocked with quality replacement parts so we can get your air conditioner fixed and cooling again.

Why Choose Service Today?

We could tell you that our prices are based on the most competitive pricing structure in the industry nationwide.  We could tell you that our technicians collectively receive over 1000 hours of continued education each year, to ensure they are on top of their proverbial ‘game’. We could tell you that the service we perform, the installs we execute, and the maintenance we perform on a daily basis is as comprehensive and meticulous as it can get.  But all of those things would take away from what we really care about.  And that fact is simple…

Our customer service is the best in Minnesota!  We know this, because our Burnsville customers tell us so, every single day. We know this, because of the amount of reviews we have on Angie’s List.  We know this, because of all the awards we have won. This is the one thing we are proud of, the one thing we really want to tell people.

Because at the end of the day, what really matters is not how much money you spent, because most companies have the same pricing, it’s not that your air conditioner was fixed, because most companies can do that too.  No, at the end of the day, what really matters is how you were treated as a person.  We are a service company. Our staff and air conditioner repair Burnsville technicians serve people.  So, at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we feel that we have the people skills to really make you say…’wow’!  That is our goal. We want you smiling, laughing, and having a blast with our technician.  None of this monotonous interaction that has so frequently plagued our industry.  We set out to raise the bar. And we are doing it one job at a time, one Burnsville home at a time, one person at a time. And that next person is you!

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Air Conditioner Repair Burnsville, MN

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How Much Will An AC Repair Cost? - Burnsville

How Much Will An AC Repair Cost?

As much as we would like to give you an exact quote right here and now, unfortunately it doesn’t quite work that way.  We need to send our experienced air conditioner repair Burnsville technicians out to your home to asses the situation in person.  Only by doing this, can we give you an exact price amount.  But the good news is this; compare us to every other company in Minnesota, and we are much different!  We never give you an ultimatum. We never force repairs on you, and we always make sure you have the final say in what happens to your cooling system.  This is how it should be every single time.  Unfortunately it is not.  But if you call us, if you call our air conditioner repair Burnsville certified technicians right now, we will make sure we do things different with you.

We will assess and diagnose the problem, educate you and why it occurred and let you know the steps you can take as a homeowner to prevent the problem from occurring in the future, and then we have a conversation with you.  We figure out your budget, what your family needs, what you need, and what your home needs, and after compiling all of this information together, only then can we give you various options on potential repairs.  This approach is something our clients greatly appreciate.  It is a straightforward, transparent, no-pressured approach, and it puts the power back into the consumers hand (where it ultimately should be anyways).

We encourage you to call us.  We can send one of our air conditioner repair Burnsville technicians out to your home today even!  You can feel the bliss of cool air flowing over your body in a matter of hours, and you can do this within budget too!  That’s another thing we promise you.  There will always be an option that will fit your budget.  So, do not worry!  We make the process painless and actually quite easy.

Preventing Costly AC Repairs - Burnsville

Preventing Costly AC Repairs

If you were told that 80% of all air conditioner repairs could be prevented by hiring a contractor to come out to your home annually and tune up your system, would you believe us?  Maybe, maybe not?  In either case, this is the truth!  Believe us, we would much rather come out and tune your system up anyways!  It’s a lot cheaper for you and easier for us!  Everybody wins.  Our air conditioner repair Burnsville staff encourages you to think on this fact for a moment.

If you have come to the realization that your Burnsville home needs to have implemented a regular preventive maintenance schedule on your HVAC systems, then you should consider our Comfort Club Membership.  It’s the best valued preventive maintenance plan in the entire state of Minnesota, and not only that, but you receive a lot of cool perks with the plan too!  Call us today, and realize the Service Today difference.

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Air Conditioner Repair Burnsville, MN

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