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Air Conditioner Maplewood

Air Conditioner Maplewood

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All too often, we hear horror stories that revolve around bad companies performing even worse work.  They made the unfortunate decision to hire a company that was not serious about delivering the best possible service to their customers.  And because of their decisions, they ended up paying a company for sub-par work.  This happens all too often.  These horrible experiences make it hard for reputable companies like Service Today Heating & Cooling to convince customers that there are decent HVAC companies in existence.

But you can be rest assured that we are different.  Our air conditioner Maplewood company actually cares about your system, we care about how much your energy bills are, and we care about your systems safety and reliability.  Not many other heating and cooling companies can honestly say this.  Simply put, we just plain old care!  And it’s the way it should be. It’s one Minnesotan helping another.  So, call our company today, and experience the difference first hand.  You will not regret it!

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Air Conditioner Maplewood

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The AC Buying & Installation Process - Maplewood

The AC Buying & Installation Process

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be quite difficult.  Many questions arise, question that can be difficult to find the correct answers to, questions like, what’s the average cost of an AC? What brand of AC is the best?  What is the best AC company for me and my family?  How will I know if they did a good job?  And all of these questions are extremely important too.  And you can be assured that Service Today Heating & Cooling will arm you with all the information you can possible think of before making a purchase.

We believe that customers deserve to make informed and educated decisions, Even if that means choosing another company, we understand that.  But by calling our air conditioner Maplewood technicians and expertly trained staff, you will get every single one of your questions answered.  And that is the most important part of the process.  When you know you have done all the research, and you know that you are indeed making the best possible decision, you feel a lot better about the purchase itself, and we understand this.  So, shop smart, buy smart, and install smart.  You can ensure this, by doing just one thing.  You can call us!

AC Breakdowns & Repairs - Maplewood

AC Breakdowns & Repairs

Many different air conditioner breakdowns can be prevented by implementing a strict annual preventative maintenance plan.  But even the most dedicated of homeowners still can run into breakdown issues throughout their air conditioner’s life.  This is natural and unavoidable.  Air conditioners are pieces of machinery, and machines break.  But there are important things you can do as a homeowner to ensure you air conditioner has a long and productive life.  The most important thing you can do, and the thing you have control over – hiring a company that will not only ensure the repair process is executed flawlessly, but also hiring a company that will implement things to prevent future breakdowns.

When you hire Service Today Heating & Cooling, when you hire their skills and knowledge air conditioner Maplewood certified technician, you are hiring a company that will deliver on just that.  We have amazing warranties on all ac repair work, and we will educate you on the things you can do as a homeowner to prevent us from ever coming back out for more repairs.

Because we get it.  No one likes to spend money on an air conditioner repairs.  And simply having a company that understand this, and by hiring a company that is truly looking out for your best interest, makes the selection process pretty easy.  Choose us, and your air conditioner will get a big win!

Performing AC Tune Ups - Maplewood

Performing AC Tune Ups

Our air conditioner Maplewood certified staff tries their very hardest to help educate you on the importance of preventive maintenance.  But even with our efforts, some 80% of repairs could have been prevented with the proper amount of preventive maintenance.  That means more money in your pocket, and less time without a broken air conditioner.  Your home should be a place that you can unwind and relax.  And you cannot even begin to do this if the temperature in your home is scorching.

When you hire Service Today Heating & Cooling, you are hiring a company that performs one of the most comprehensive tune ups on the market.  This will ensure you have low utility bills, that your system will have a long and efficient life, and that your cooling system is also safe for your family.  We strongly recommend signing up for our preventative maintenance plan.  Thousands of homeowners take advantage of this membership by renewing year after year.  Our knowledgeable air conditioner Maplewood technicians will tune up your entire heating and cooling system.  Our membership ensures you never have to worry about a thing.

Alternative Cooling Systems - Maplewood

Alternative Cooling Systems

Now that Minnesotans are becoming more and more environmentally conscientious, customers are increasingly interested in looking at alternative methods to cool their home, methods that are both energy efficient and good for the environment.  One of the most under utilize and most energy efficient systems you can install in your home is a geothermal system.  These systems utilize Earth’s underground temperatures to regulate the cooling and heating specifications in their home.  Even though it has been around for decades, only now are people really starting to invest in such cooling methods.

Another great development in the cooling and heating industry is that of a heat pump.  Heat pumps work by utilizing natural temperatures in the atmosphere to regulate the temperature inside your home.  Simply put, if you want some heat in your Maplewood house, it pulls out all the heat found naturally outside.  If you want to cool your home, it pulls out the cold air naturally found outside.  It’s a great concept, and not only does it work quite well, it is also great for the environment.

But regardless of the system you are choosing to install into your home, Service Today Heating & Cooling installs, repairs, and maintenances them all.  We have expert technicians on staff that will make sure your Maplewood home’s cooling needs are met, and that you are 100% satisfied with our work.  This is our promise to each customer that chooses our company.

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