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Air Conditioner Installation St. Louis Park

Air Conditioner Installation St. Louis Park

A New Air Conditioner For Your St. Louis Park Home

It’s hard to determine when you need a new air conditioner.  When is the best time to buy? What brands are the best?  What company do I choose?  Should I simply do the repair work, or should I just invest in a whole new system for my St. Louis Park home?  These are very important questions, and even though you many not have all the answers right now, Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Squad, will come out to your house, assess your situation, and give you a wide range of options from which to chose.  Our customers really appreciate this approach.  For one, your are put in a no-pressure situation.  We do not tell you what you need to do, but rather, we let you decide what’s best for you and your family.  We never give you an ultimatum.  And we are proud of this fact.  Simply knowing that our air conditioner installation St. Louis Park technicians are on your side makes all the difference at the end of the day.  You can trust us, you can trust what we recommend, and you can trust that we are giving you some of the most competitive prices available to Minnesotans.  Call our office and schedule a free estimate today.  You will not regret your decision.

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Air Conditioner Installation St. Louis Park

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Shopping Around for an AC - St. Louis Park

Shopping Around for an AC

Our culture has instilled in us, the idea that ‘shopping around’ for the best price is always the best option.  And in most things, this makes total sense.  Even with purchases that are somewhat related to the HVAC industry, like shopping for a refrigerator or a new stove.  It is our capitalist values that drive us to do so every day.  And at Service Today Heating & Cooling, it isn’t that our air conditioner installation St. Louis Park technicians discourage customers from shopping around for other estimates when considering putting in a new air cindininer system into your St. Louis Park home, it’s just that most customers don’t really understand what is is they should look for in an estimate.

Let’s be real here folks, can you honestly say you have a perfect understanding of what you need your estimate to include?  Probably not.  And that is perfectly okay.  We don’t expect you to know these things.  Heck the sad truth is, many companies that install the equipment don’t even know what they should do half the time.  And I say half the time, because its the truth.  The actual number is staggering.  Over 60% of homes have their heating and cooling equipment installed wrong.  That number is crazy to think about.

That’s why it is so important to understand the specific, to understand as a homeowners, what you really need in an air conditioner installation, and by understanding these things, you can start shopping around.  It doesn’t do any good to shop around, if you don’t know what you need or are looking for in the first place right?  And you can rest easy knowing that Service Today’s air conditioner installation St. Louis Park certified technicians will get the job done right, and explain everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Your Home Needs a Competent Company - St. Louis Park

Your Home Needs a Competent Company

All too often, we hear of horror stories where air conditioners have been put into St. Louis Park homes, and only a handful of years later, the air conditioner is completely fried and they are forced to purchase a new one.  You wouldn’t believe how common this is.  And its not that these customer purchased a bad air conditioner unit.  No, what really happened was that t the initial installation was bad.  The most important day of the life of your air conditioner unit is installtion day.  If you do not have a competent company installing your unit.  You are going to run into a multitude of problems down the road.

But our air conditioner installation St. Louis Park ensure that they are installing a new air conditioner unit to perfection.  We are very proud of this fact. Time and time again, we hear stories of our past customers that are amazed at how long their air conditioner has lasted without having a single issue.  If you want reliable service, an honest company, an amazing install, and great customer service, there is no other company you can turn to.  Service Today Heating & Cooling is the company for you, and for your St. Louis Park home. We encourage you to call our company today and experience the difference first hand.  Our trained office staff will make sure you get a free estimate on the exact day you have time to sit down with one of our comfort advisors.  And hurry…we have specials right now that will bow you away!

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Air Conditioner Installation St. Louis Park

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