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Air Conditioner Installation Maplewood

Air Conditioner Installation Maplewood

Service Today’s Installation Process

When you choose our company to install your air conditioner, you aren’t just choosing customer service, you aren’t just choosing a quality installation, and you aren’t just choosing a company that provides you with the most industry leading written guarantees available.  What you are choosing is a company that delivers more.  We understand the stresses purchasing an air conditioner can take on you and your family.  It isn’t one of those shopping experiences that you enjoy.  We know this, and that’s why we are committed to making the process as painless as possible.  And it’s not that we a dramatically different from the next company you could choose.  No, its just the simple fact that we do things better.  Our air conditioner installation Maplewood certified technicians pay attention to detail  we put ourselves in your shoes, and implement business practices that make it easier for you.  Whether its just simply taking the time our of our day to educate you on the whole installation process, or the products themselves, or whether its filing the rebates for you so you don’t have to worry about it.  These things matter to customers, and we recognize that.  That is why we try so hard to ensure you have a smooth and easy experience with our company.

It’s a tragic day, when we see Maplewood customers getting taken advantage of by other HVAC companies.  Its a sad day when we try so hard to educate them, to ensure they have enough knowledge to make an informed decision, and still they choose a company that takes advantage of them.  These are the hard realities our company is face with on a daily basis, but still we put our best foot forward, still we continued to provide the best possible service you can buy, because we know that its the right thing to do.  We know that its what you and your family deserve.  And our air conditioner installation Maplewood staff will keep doing this.  Because at the end of the day, we can take pride in our work. We can take pride in the fact that we have done right by our customers.  So, we encourage you to call us, because we will do right by you!

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Air Conditioner Installation Maplewood

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Price is Not the Most Important Factor - Maplewood

Price is Not the Most Important Factor

When you shop around for virtually every other product in the consumer world, price is the number one factor.  Think about it for a second.  How many times have you price shopped something?  Thousands and thousands.  Everyone has.  And you are right to do so.  It only makes sense.  If you are going to spend your hard earned dollars on a product, you want to get the most value out of each and every dollar spent, and you do this by price shopping.  But this philosophy, a philosophy that has been ingrained into each and every Americans thought process, cannot be used to guide your air conditioner purchase.  If you shop on price alone, you will get burned, and your Maplewood home will be stuck with a shoddy and poor install!

Most air conditioner installations require some kind of modification to your existing heating and cooling system.  Weather that is electrical modifications, gas modifications, or ductwork modifications.  And most homeowners do not know this.  They equate an air conditioner to that of a refrigerator, namely that the unit is a kind of “plug-n-play” purchase.  But this is not true.  Most companies bet that you won’t know this, and so to keep costs down, they do not include these necessary modifications.  They cut corners to blind you with a cheap price, and walk away knowing full well they collected your hard earned money, and that you are going to have problems with your new unit. Simply put, most companies do not do these modifications.  So when you shop around, make sure you are not getting taken advantage of.  If you do not do the proper research, you are going to get stuck with a poor installation, an installation that will cause breakdowns, and an installation that will cause your energy bills to be dramatically higher than they should.  If you call our company, we would be happy to send a air conditioner installation Maplewood technicians out to your home and simply go over the estimates you have received, and really take a hard look at what each and every company is really offering you.  We are happy to do this.  Just having an expert option makes all the difference.

Service Today’s Installation Price - Maplewood

Service Today’s Installation Price

Knowing that price isn’t the most important thing you need to take into consideration when purchasing a new air conditioner, and knowing that most companies cut corners to keep costs down, you can begin to get a good understanding of the shady kinds of business practices that plague our industry.  It’s just too bad, when you really think about it.  Companies throw the words honest and integrity out all the time, but are they really living up to these ideals? No!

And that’s exactly where our air conditioner installation Maplewood technicians come into play.  Service Today Heating & Cooling has recognized the importance of honesty and integrity.  We understand what we need to do as a company to ensure we are living up to those ideals.  And we do this by providing you with the best possible install you can possible purchase.  We do this by educating you and informing you about all the kinds of things needed to ensure you’re getting a proper installation for your Maplewood home.  We do this by treating you the same way we would want to be treated.  It’s an elementary kind of philosophy, but it’s the kind of philosophy that our customers deeply appreciate.  Our air conditioner installation Maplewood technicians always take care of our client’s needs.  And because of this, we retain their business for life.  We have thousands of customers that will never choose another company, simply because we either helped them make an informed decision years ago, or treated them with the dignity and respect they deserved.  So, before you get taken advantage of by another company, before you choose a company that really doesn’t care whether or not they install your air conditioner system correctly, you should call us.  We will take care of you, through and through.  This is our promise to you!

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Air Conditioner Installation Maplewood

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