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Air Conditioner Brooklyn Park, MN

Air Conditioner Brooklyn Park, MN

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Every customer that calls our company experiences a kind of customer service that has been long forgotten. Nowadays, businesses function on a time-table.  Our culture has somehow go it in their heads that faster is better. And yes, maybe with some things this is true, but in the heating and cooling industry, we like to slow things down.  This starts by just getting to know our customers.

You are kind enough to invite us into your homes, sometimes even serving us coffee or iced tea, and on the rare occasion, cooking us breakfast or lunch, and it’s these types of kind gestures that we want to honor.  And we honor them by giving back to customers what they truly deserve out of a heating a cooling company.  And what they deserve, what you deserve, what your Brooklyn Park home deserves, is time and attention, quality and professionalism, all wrapped up in a fair price.  We recognize this, and we do everything in our power to deliver as well.  Our Comfort Squad, consisting of only the most skilled air conditioner Brooklyn Park certified technicians, will ensure you are getting everything you deserve out of a heating a cooling company. It’s these old time values that our company centers itself around.

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Air Conditioner Brooklyn Park, MN

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AC Repair in Brooklyn Park, MN - Brooklyn Park

AC Repair in Brooklyn Park, MN

Your Brooklyn Park home, a home that houses you and your family, the one place you can turn to relax when it is extremely hot outside, should be just that, a place where you can relax. When you have a broken air conditioner, especially when it is really hot outside, its pretty hard to relax.  We just want to let you know that we have you covered.  From top-notch customer service, to honest pricing, every aspect customers are looking for in a home service company, Service Today Heating & Cooling possesses.  When you call our air conditioner Brooklyn Park technicians out to your home, you will experience the very same level of satisfaction that has inspired thousand of past customers to become members of our company.  Call us today, we can get out to your home today. Get your air conditioner fixed today, and you can once again, enjoy the cool breeze that should be circulating inside your home, today! Even if we are busy, we will make sure we fit you in.

Why You Need an AC Tune Up - Brooklyn Park

Why You Need an AC Tune Up

The whole “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality doesn’t work in our industry.  The whole point of a tune up is to prevent unnecessary repairs.  Some 80% of air conditioner breakdowns can be prevented, just by simply having one our our experience air conditioner Brooklyn Park technicians out to your home annually to ensure your unit is running safely and efficiently.

Call our friendly office staff today, and we will get you on the schedule in no time at all. And if you are serious about performing preventative maintenance yearly (something that every homeowner really ought to be), then sign up for our Comfort Club Membership. It is the best valued preventative maintenance plan in Minnesota… Only $12.99 a month!

Choosing Service Today for Your AC Install is the Right Choice - Brooklyn Park

Choosing Service Today for Your AC Install is the Right Choice

In 2009, Consumer Reports published an article describing that of the thousands and thousands of homes they investigated, over 60% of them did not have their air conditioner or furnace installed correctly.  This number is staggering!  Most people do not realize that air conditioner installs are not just a plug and play purchase. There are intricate modifications that need to be executed in order to ensure your new unit will operate as efficiently as possible, and to ensure your new unit will also have a long life.  Bad installs, put a lot of stress on systems.  Stress is bad.  It dramatically shortens the unit’s life.  So, don’t choose a company simply because they are a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.  Choose Service Today Heating & Cooling. Our air conditioner Brooklyn Park technicians and staff will ensure you have your unit installed perfectly!  This we promise you wholeheartedly.

Reliable AC Brands & Dehumidification - Brooklyn Park

Reliable AC Brands & Dehumidification

There are many different brand of air conditioners on the market.  What type of brand is the best?  This is a good question, but it isn’t actually the most important question to be asking at all.  What homeowners should really be concerned with is ensuring that their home is getting the correct sized unit.  If it is too big or too small, your unit will be stressed and it will prematurely fail. Think of GoldiLocks and the Three Bears.  This is the most important thing you can do as a homeowner to ensure you are getting the best deal and value out of your purchase.

The next important thing to consider is the company’s physical installation process.  Without a perfect installation, you will not achieve the unit’s advertized efficiency levels, but not only that, you are also at risk of experiencing the headache that comes with expensive breakdowns in a very short amount of time.  But if you do follow these two important notions to the letter, and you can do this by hiring Service Today Heating & Cooling, by hiring our experienced and professional air conditioner Brooklyn Park technicians, you will ensure that your air conditioner will work properly, and that it will last a very long time too.

All these things work together to cool and dehumidify your Brooklyn Park home.  Once you purchase a new air conditioner, you might also want to consider adding an additional dehumidification system to your home.  Proper levels of humidity can make a huge difference in both the comfort you are experiencing, and the amount of money you are paying to machine that desired comfort. Call our office today.  We will answer all of your questions while delivering you the best quality customer service any heating and cooling company can possible offer.

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