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AC Tune Up in Maple Grove MN

When warm weather is on the way you want to know that your air conditioner is going to run. Getting an AC tune-up in Maple Grove, MN will put your mind & wallet at ease. Service Today’s air conditioning tune-up will check to make sure your cooling system will run efficiently.

With years of experience, Service Today strongly recommends having your air conditioning system inspected and preventative maintenance in Maple Grove performed each season to keep your system running right all year round.

AC tune up’s are necessary to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and warranties from expiring. Many manufacturers require homeowners to schedule at least one annual tune-up from a professional HVAC company.

Dirty Filters Use More Energy

Filters can get dirty quick, which slows down airflow and makes your air conditioning system work harder. That translates into higher energy bills and avoidable maintenance & repair issues down the road.

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal, or that there is less air coming through the vents, it’s likely dirty air filters. Dirty filters can actually cause slugged refrigerant, a major problem that can ruin your compressor and a costly repair. This happens when airflow over the evaporator becomes restricted. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star program recommends checking your air filters every month, especially during heavy use, and changing them every three months at a minimum, to keep your system running smoothly.