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Water Heater Flush and water Quality Inspection

Flushing and inspections help remove sediments and detect contaminants, guaranteeing a clean, efficient water supply for your family.

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Drain Clearing

Regular drain cleaning prevents clogs, maintains plumbing efficiency, and safeguards against costly repairs.

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FAQ - Water heater installation and replacement

A water heater replacement in St. Paul, MN, varies if it’s a gas, tankless, or electric water heater replacement. The installation complexity could also increase the price. Please talk to our expert water heater installers for a more accurate estimate.

A new water heater installation cost may vary depending on the type of water heater, gas, tankless, or electric, and the ability of the water heater installers. Call us and we’ll provide expert new water heater installation without delay.

Water heater replacements take approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the existing setup and the new system being installed. For a more accurate time frame, our local team of water heater installers in St. Paul can visit you. Schedule it today!

The cost of an electric water heater installation may vary depending on their complexity. Please call Service Today’s water heater installations in St. Paul for a more accurate estimate.

Electric water heaters typically last 10-15 years, depending on usage patterns. A great way to expand your unit’s lifespan is to start with a professional and reliable installation or replacement of a new water heater. We’ve got the best team of local water heater installers. Call today without delay!

Yes, Service Today offers emergency hot water heater replacement services. We understand the urgency and provide prompt, efficient solutions. Our comprehensive range of services includes new water heater installation, tank water heater replacement, electric water heater replacement, and emergency hot water heater replacement.

Call Service Today! at (320) 228-4021 to request plumbing service. Our team will respond quickly to your call.

SHAPE Membership Program

Regular maintenance is an important element of keeping your home’s heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems running at peak performance and efficiency. At Service Today!, we make heating, plumbing, and electrical maintenance in St. Paul and the Twin Cities area easier and more affordable than ever with our Safeguard Heating, Air, Plumbing, and Electrical (SHAPE) Membership program.

Get Zero Down, No-Interest, No-Payment Financing For 12 Months*

*Interest increases to 9.99%, depending on credit approval. Payment options range from 60 to 180 months.

At Service Today!, we understand that you can’t predict when your heater or air conditioner will stop working, or when your plumbing or electrical systems will need major repairs. Because we believe that everyone deserves to receive high-quality home service repairs and replacements – no matter when an emergency strikes – we are proud to offer several financing options for our customers. With our heating & air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical financing, you can get the crucial repair or replacement services you need now without having to worry about the cost.

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Enjoy hot showers with efficient water heater installations

A flawless new water heater installation is key to enjoying those uninterrupted hot showers and enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

Our skilled water heater installers will help you select the perfect unit and guarantee a safe, efficient installation, whether it’s a tankless model, gas, or electric water heater installation.

Ready for a reliable hot water solution? Whether it’s an electric water heater replacement or a new gas heater, schedule your new water heater installation in St. Paul with Service Today!

What Goes Into a Heater Tune Up

St. Paul's best water heater replacement services

Knowing when to opt for a water heater replacement is key to maintaining home comfort. Look out for fluctuating temperatures, constant need for repairs, or if your unit’s over a decade old – these are telltale signs.

On average, new water heater installations can serve you well for 10-15 years. A timely water heater replacement is both about reliability and being energy-efficient.

We specialize in both electric water heater replacement and emergency hot water heater replacements, focusing on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Ready for an upgrade? Reach out today!

Electric water heater replacement that boosts comfort

If your water heater is hitting that 10 to 15-year mark, a tankless or electric water heater replacement could be a smart move for better energy efficiency and enhanced home comfort.

Our team of water heater installers here in St. Paul is dedicated to tailoring the best solution for you. We understand every home has its unique needs.

Looking for a water heater replacement? Let us help. Whether it’s an electric water heater replacement or an emergency hot water heater replacement, our pros are ready to assist. Reach out now!

Quick emergency water heater replacement solutions

Ignoring signs like leaks, odd noises, or a sudden shortage of hot water can spiral into water damage, soaring energy bills, and safety hazards.

Our St. Paul emergency hot water heater replacement service is just a phone call away to help you with those urgent cases.

Need an emergency hot water heater fix? Service Today is on standby 24/7, ready to tackle your issues promptly. Don’t wait until it’s a crisis – give us a call now!

Local and reliable water heater installers!

Seeking professional water heater installation or replacement? You’re in the right place. We’re your go-to water heater installers.

Our St. Paul water heater installers are certified, guaranteeing exceptional new water heater installations and electric water heater replacements.

Be it electric, gas, tankless water heater installation, or an emergency hot water heater replacement, we offer eco-friendly solutions for your needs.

Ready to upgrade? Our water heater installers are just a call away. Let’s get started on enhancing your home today!

Call Service Today! at (320) 228-4021 to request plumbing service. Our team will respond quickly to your call.