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Wiring and Rewiring

Cape Coral Wiring and Rewiring Services

If your electrical system is outdated, rewiring a house should be at the top of your list. Signs you may need electrical rewiring include reliance on multiple power strips, frequent power surges, or electrical outages. You may notice frayed wiring and if two-prong outlets are still used, they can present significant safety risks.

Service Today provides professional home wiring and rewiring services to modernize your electrical system. We’ll help bring your structure up to code and ensure electrical wiring supports the demand of modern high-power devices used in Cape Coral homes. Our electricians are licensed, trained, and experienced to provide all types of wiring services, including replacing old wiring in a house and rewiring outlets.

Updating Electrical Wiring Is a Must

There is no way around a wiring update. Delaying or avoiding one reduces the functionality of your home and risks an electrical fire, which occurs in tens of thousands of homes every year. Aside from preventing catastrophes, electrical rewiring can have the following benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: Eliminating overloads, arc faults, and short circuits helps reduce electricity drain, so your utility bill may decrease. Rewiring also results in more even distribution of power, while new wiring connecting your thermostat can enable your HVAC system to run more efficiently. A wiring update can provide the opportunity to invest in solar installations and electric car chargers as well, further improving your energy footprint.
  • Get Rid of Aluminum Wiring: Once used for its conductivity and affordability, aluminum wiring can become unsafe as it ages. It is prone to expansion and contraction with temperature changes, loosening terminal connections. This can result in sparks at outlets and switches, which can cause fires. By replacing aluminum wiring, various safety hazards can be eliminated.
  • Increased Amperage: Wiring and rewiring instantly increases the amperage of electrical circuits and reduces resistance. To accomplish this, all your home circuits will need to be rewired, resolving many problems associated with weak electrical systems that don’t have the capacity to power major appliances. You’ll also get the right amount of wattage for smart devices and hi-tech gadgets.
  • Increased Functionality: Updating electrical wiring increases the capacity of your outlets. It also allows you to install a wider range of lighting options, including recessed lighting, pendant lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting or floodlights. Ceiling fans, modern entertainment systems, heavy-duty garage tools and equipment, computer systems, and the latest hot tubs and pools (and related equipment) are also supported.

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When rewiring a house, it’s also a good idea to address requirements for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, GFCI outlets, and AFCI breakers. We provide these and other wiring services to meet your needs and improve safety, functionality, and efficiency. To schedule wiring and electrical installation service in Cape Coral, FL, call 239-303-4525 now.