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Complete Cape Coral Camera System Installation Services

Installing a security camera system for your Cape Coral home or business can improve safety and provide peace of mind. Service Today, in addition to heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services, provides complete CCTV installation services with extensive experience working with property owners. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the Cape Coral area. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to work with you and provide the highest quality service, so your home is safe and efficient.

Camera System Services

Service Today specializes in the latest security camera systems for homes and businesses. Digital technology and the Internet of Things have revolutionized video security systems. Visible security systems are known to deter burglaries and prevent break-ins even during daylight hours. To benefit from these systems, you need a dedicated company to install and service them, which is what you can rely on our trained experts for.

Our Cape Coral technicians can assist with security camera:

  • Repair: Today’s security cameras consist of sophisticated electronics, circuits, mechanical components, and wiring. Any one of their parts can wear out and if any fail, they system will be useless. But you can count on our team to respond quickly when your security camera system needs to be repaired. We’ll troubleshoot and diagnose the system fast, and use the parts on our trucks to fix it on the spot.
  • Installation: We’ll help plan your security camera system installation, which requires determining the best location for your surveillance cameras. The best spots for cameras are entry and exit points. It’s not a good idea to attempt camera system installation on your own. Our security camera installers have years of training and experience and know all the ins and outs of a successful installation.
  • Maintenance: Once you install a camera system and rely on it every day, it will need periodic maintenance. We’ll check that all moving parts are working and all sensors are operating as designed. Cleaning the system and lenses, adjusting the focus and field of vision, and checking recording quality, cables, and harnesses are important tasks for getting the most out of your security cameras.

Indoor and Outdoor Camera Installation

Indoor cameras are useful for remotely viewing your kids, whether they’re playing in their rooms or outdoors. You can also check that they got home from school. With an indoor camera, you can keep a watch on contractors, babysitters, and even your pets from afar.

Security cameras aren’t only for the exterior, but they provide many benefits when used outside. A camera system allows you to spot suspicious activity as it is happening. You can be at home or miles away and receive an alert on your phone; if necessary, you can call the authorities before anything happens. You can also see if any cars are arriving, deliveries are coming, or how children playing outside are doing.

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