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Service Today Will Handle All Your Cape Coral Lighting Needs

Lighting Design, Installation, & Repair Services in Cape Coral

Whether you need help with lighting installation, or it’s time for lighting repair, you can trust Service Today’s experienced Cape Coral electricians to ensure the job is done right and your lighting system is safe to use.

Our technicians are highly trained and equipped with the latest tools to address all your lighting needs. The lights in your home are connected directly to your electrical system. Their function is therefore a safety matter, so if your lights start flickering or acting unusual, it’s time to call for help to resolve the underlying issue. Lighting is also an important aspect of home décor, from rooms seeming larger and cozier to boosting the security of your home.

List of Lighting Services

Service Today is a full-service lighting company you can trust for any lighting project in your home. Our specialties include:

  • Landscape Lighting: We can handle all your outdoor lighting needs, including installation and repair of security lights, LED floodlights, and camera-activated lights. Exterior lighting can improve your safety and security while highlighting architectural features and landscaping elements such as trees and plants, paved paths, water features, or accent walls.
  • Soft Lighting: Many homeowners prefer smoother light without prominent shadows. Yet, this lighting can be bright enough to meet your needs. Options include recessed, track, or under cabinet lighting, string lights, wall sconces, and other elements of mood lighting.
  • Indoor Lighting: Expertise in all types of residential lighting allows us to install wall-mounted, track, suspended, surface, or pendant lighting where the application best suits it. Wall sconce cable lights and chandeliers fall into this category as well. Whether its ambient, task, or accent lighting, we can determine what fits best and manage the entire design and installation process.
  • Lighting Design: We provide full in-home consultations during which we discuss your goals and visions as well as answer all your questions. Able to design a complete lighting system, our team will also walk you through each step. You’ll receive a complete overview of the project and how it fits into the overall picture.
  • Lighting Installation: It takes an experienced professional to properly install lights. The process requires the right skills, tools, and attention to detail. In addition to these, we prioritize safety and ensure a hassle-free installation so there’s minimal disruption and you’ll have superior lighting to depend on for years to come.
  • Lighting Repair: Contact us for service if light bulbs are burning out quickly and frequently, lights are dimming when you use appliances, or they flicker. Non-functional electrical outlets,sparks, or burning smells are also reasons for concern, but we can quickly find the root cause and resolve it.

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You can count on our licensed electricians to design, install, and service your exterior lighting, interior lighting, security lighting, or any lighting project that needs to be completed on your property. We specialize in modern, safe, and energy efficient solutions. Our team will choose and design a lighting system that provides functional and aesthetic benefits while serving your needs over the long term. We’re also available 24/7 if you need urgent repairs. To get started, call (239) 303-4525 now.