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Electrical Safety Inspections

Your Cape Coral Electrical Safety Inspection Experts

Service Today is proud to provide electrical safety inspection services in the Cape Coral area. Regular inspections enable our technicians to spot small issues and fix them before they put your appliances, home, and safety at risk. One faulty outlet or bad wire can spark an electrical fire or cause a burn or shock. Our team is here to protect you and your family with a thorough electrical safety inspection in your Cape Coral home.

What Is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

When an inspector visits your home, they perform a thorough examination of wires, fixtures, appliances, and all other components of your electrical system. Our inspector conducts their examination per the standards and requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). During an electrical inspection, they make note of any areas that need attention. Their checklist is prioritized, from any immediate repairs needed to recommendations for improvement, to any upgrades that can improve function, safety, and efficiency.

Electrical Safety Inspection Benefits

An electrical home inspection has a range of advantages. Cape Coral homeowners are often surprised to learn there are benefits that can include:

  • Safety: Old wiring, improperly installed fixtures, and overloaded circuits are just a few things that can cause electrical fires and other hazards. We can spot oversized breakers, outdated wiring and fuses, and other issues whether your home is relatively new or especially if it’s over 40 years old. Whatever issues are found are corrected to improve your safety and peace of mind.
  • Energy Savings: Any electrical problem can drain energy from your home. The more energy consumed, the higher your electrical bill will be. Safety inspections let us find where we can improve energy efficiency. Our electrical technicians can spot exactly what issues are causing energy drain and correct them.This can ultimately help you save money as well.
  • Home Inspection Requirements: A whole home electrical safety inspection may be required for insurance purposes, when you renovate your home, or add an appliance. It is certainly recommended when you purchase a new house. Hidden electrical problems may be present before you move in, or major renovations may lead to damage or uncover old wiring. A complete inspection spots any trouble so we can provide any electrical services that are necessary.

Schedule Your Electrical Inspection Today

Service Today employs trained electricians who are experienced at performing electrical inspections. Members of our SHAPE program receive priority service that is affordable. To schedule a whole home electrical safety inspection in Cape Coral, call us at (239) 303-4525 today.