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LED Light Retrofitting

LED Light Retrofitting in Cape Coral, FL

An LED retrofit is a practical option for any energy conscious home or business in Cape Coral. At Service Today, we specialize in LED retrofitting as our licensed technicians are familiar with every aspect of helping select and install LED lighting. A lighting upgrade can be performed anywhere; every home, business, or facility can benefit from the latest technologies.

What Is LED Retrofitting?

The lighting industry has been revolutionized by LEDs and many existing fluorescent, incandescent, and CFL fixtures can be converted to achieve numerous benefits. Lighting conversions can enable you to add even more lights inside and outside your home and still reduce the amount of power you use. If necessary, we can even replace existing fixtures with those that use LED lights, achieving greater functionality.

Benefits of LED Lighting

By having LED retrofit bulbs and fixtures installed and replacing older lights, you can benefit through:

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star rated LED lights use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting.1 They also emit very little heat; incandescents can release 90% of their energy as heat, while LEDs convert almost all their energy into light.1Energy costs from lighting can be dramatically reduced by lowering your energy consumption as it relates to powering lights in your Cape Coral home.
  • Lighting Quality: LED fixtures have an improved Color Rendering Index (CRI) over traditional lighting. The CRI ranks lighting from 0 to 100 (the higher the better). If a light has a CRI of 90+, this is considered excellent. The quality of LED lighting meets this standard, meaning it gives your home an abundance of natural light and can increase its aesthetic appeal. It can also be selected based on various parameters, including color temperature, to match the environment it’s used in.
  • Rebates and Incentives: By installing LED lighting, you can qualify for rebates from manufacturers, utilities, and government agencies. These make lighting conversions in Cape Coral even more affordable. Rebates can vary from one location to another, so consult with your lighting contractor or local agencies about those you may qualify for.
  • Money Saver: Homeowners, businesses, and municipalities have cut down their operating costs with LED retrofitting. Not only can the newest lighting technologies reduce annual energy costs and increase lighting levels. Your lighting can last longer as well. That means both long term energy and equipment savings.

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You can immediately benefit from LED retrofit kits, including fixtures, bulbs, controls, timers, and efficient switches and dimmers for bath and kitchen, exterior, recessed, track/accent, under cabinet, and security lighting. Service Today is your Cape Coral light retrofitting provider. Our electricians are skilled at lighting design and installation. We can find and install the best solutions for your home, so you benefit from energy efficiency, better lighting, and savings. To schedule a consultation or LED retrofitting, call 239-303-4525 today!