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During the swimming season, choosing the right licensed pool service company can make all the difference. At Service Today, our technicians are committed to quality work and excellent service, all backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re never closed, which means Cape Coral pool owners can call anytime for professional service. During our first appointment, we’ll do a full inspection of your pool system, checking for any issues and testing filters and chemicals. After that, we’ll use top-of-the-line equipment to clean every nook and cranny of your pool, leaving it sparkling clean.

Before you put your swimsuit on, give the team at Service Today a call!

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Pool Services: Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of pool services in Cape Coral can be influenced by several factors. The size of your pool plays a significant role, as larger pools typically require more labor, time, and chemicals, raising the cost. Similarly, the total pool area size, including the deck and surrounding space, may impact the price due to the additional maintenance involved.

With Service Today, you can expect an affordable pool service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

For a comprehensive swimming pool service, including tasks like cleaning, water testing, and equipment check, it typically takes 2-3 hours. By having your pool professionally maintained, you’ll ensure your pool remains in the best possible condition.

Service Today aims to provide efficient, high-quality pool maintenance services in the Cape Coral area, ensuring a clean, safe, and enjoyable swimming environment.

Yes, Service Today is equipped to assist with pool water testing and chemical balancing, essential aspects of our swimming pool service in Cape Coral. We ensure your pool’s water chemistry stays balanced by checking various factors including Total Alkalinity, pH Levels, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Proper water balance contributes to a cleaner, clearer pool, enhances the efficiency of products, and provides swimmers with a more enjoyable experience. As an affordable pool service provider, we help you maintain a healthy swimming environment.

To keep your pool clean and clear, it is recommended to have your pool serviced at least once a week. Especially during warmer weather, when your pool is used the most, regularly skimming, testing filters, and checking chemicals are all essential for keeping your pool in good condition.

Our process at Service Today is thorough and efficient. Firstly, we skim off leaves and other debris from the pool surface, preventing them from sinking and causing stains. Secondly, we brush off sediment from the pool walls and fixtures, reducing algae spread and maintaining cleanliness.

Finally, using our advanced automatic vacuum systems, we suction all the algae and sediment. The vacuum type – robotic, pressure, or suction – is selected based on your pool’s specific needs, ensuring a sparkling pool ready for enjoyment.

Improve the quality of your pool’s water by calling Service Today, the #1 licensed pool service company in Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas!
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The Importance of Proper Pool Water Treatment

Professional pool water treatment is key to maintaining a sparkling, inviting pool.

At Service Today, we provide comprehensive water testing and treatment, using specialized chemicals to keep your pool water in optimal condition. During treatment, we’ll test chlorine and pH levels, and evaluate for total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid levels, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

By balancing chemical levels and checking filters, our techs will ensure that your pool is free of bacteria, algae, and debris. Regular monitoring and testing also keep your pool compliant with health and safety standards, creating a joyful swimming experience for all.

For the best pool service in Cape Coral, reach out to the team at Service Today. We’re here for you 24/7 to ensure that your pool is clean, clear, and safe.

Upgrade Your Pool Today!

In addition to swimming pool service in Cape Coral, we offer a wide range of pool improvement services.

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool space, we employ a team of professional electricians who install pool and spa lights and other outdoor lighting. We also offer service and install features such as:

  • Pool heaters
  • Upgraded jets
  • Energy-efficient pool pumps
  • UV sanitation systems

And more!

Finally, we’re your one-stop shop for pool equipment replacement. Need a new skimmer or filter? Just ask your friendly technician and we’ll have it in hand the next time we come for a visit.

Signs You Need Your Pool Serviced

Dirty pool water is more than just a nuisance, it can be a health risk as well. There are several signs that indicate it’s time to call a local pool service company in Cape Coral:

  • Cloudy or murky water that just won’t clear up, no matter what you do
  • Persistent algae growth, even after regular treatments
  • Foul odors emanating from the water
  • Water that feels slimy or sticky to the touch
  • Equipment malfunctions, including clogged filters and malfunctioning pumps
  • Ineffective circulation
  • Bubbles or foam in the water

In addition, if you are experiencing eye or skin irritation when using your swimming pool, it can be a sign of bacteria overgrowth.

As a leading pool service company, we’re here to help you recognize the signs that it’s time to bring in the professionals for a thorough pool cleaning. Don’t let these red flags go unnoticed – call us today!

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Enjoy the advantages of professional pool service in Cape Coral and enjoy a safe, clean, and inviting pool area. Our team is dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable pool services to ensure your pool is always ready for you and your family.

From water quality management to safety measures and upgrades, we strive to bring you the best pool service experience. So don’t wait, keep your pool in pristine condition, providing you with peace of mind and boundless enjoyment. Reach out to us for more information or to schedule pool services – because you deserve the best.